The Best Bed Frames to Create a Dreamy Sleep Chamber

There is no area of the home that provides us with more coziness and gratification than the sacred space in which we sleep. Our bed is where we begin and end each day, after all. What could be more worthy of investment? Our bed should be where we feel most safe. We deserve for it to be a reprieve from the outside world, a sanctuary, and a place to decompress, dream, read, cuddle, and be our most at-ease selves. That’s why we simply had to curate a list of the best bed frames to elevate your Z’s and create the dreamiest slumber chamber ever—because we all deserve that! 

We recommend mocking up a mood board to set the tone, color palette, and overall theme of your bedroom first so you can determine the style of bed frame before you begin the search. Athena opted for the Restoration Hardware Cloud Slipcovered Platform Bed in her Brooklyn bedroom to really dial up the coziness. Her advice when approaching the design of a bedroom is to allow color and texture to speak for you, “designating places of calm, and highlighting ecstatic moments. My bedroom envelops you in serenity with its neutral palette.”

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