Every now and then a survey comes along which is a really good reflection of the state of the nation and this one, from  Samsung Electronics UK, is more revealing about where we are now than it might at first appear. The company, with whom I have worked several times, asked me to be involved on a campaign about moving house – timely as it turns out since today is the day – and so I am sharing the results with you alongside a few last images of The Mad House.

The Samsung survey found that more people want an eat-in kitchen for entertaining

The Samsung survey found that more people want an eat-in kitchen for entertaining

They found that 62 per cent of us are looking for something different than we wanted 10 years ago. On the face of it that might not seem surprising, after all, times change and priorities with them. But let’s dig a little deeper to find

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Jose and I were driving yesterday and saw a sign, “Boo in 25 days!” Which had me realize there are some years that it feels like forever to get to those super fun & cozy holidays… I don’t think that is going to be this year. I don’t know about you, but for me, as soon as Halloween passes, I feel like you’re on that downward turn of a rollercoaster with the rest of the year; a hard drop to Thanksgiving a few moments of slow-down and feeling like you have it together, but those feelings quickly passing because Christmas Eve is knocking at your door… One of the points I tried to emphasize in my book, Cozy White Cottage Seasons, is that everyone experiences different seasons of their life, throughout their life. This year, we are in a season of projects, unfinished spaces, and slightly overwhelmed with design choices

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The use of heating appliances is widespread, as heating appliances provide much needed warmth. Heating Appliances can make living even in inhospitable and chilly conditions bearable. The use of heating appliances is therefore a much-needed necessity for a lot of people living in cold conditions, as it can help them adjust to their surroundings. 

These days, people are looking for wood burning stoves as a greener alternative to conventional heating methods. Conventional heating methods can be a problem for the environment, as they are nearly half of all energy consumption. Conventional heating methods also make up 40% of energy related carbon dioxide emissions, which is a lot of carbon dioxide being generated that could otherwise be prevented. 

This can be prevented by using alternative heating methods, ensuring that you make a difference to the level of greenhouse gases being produced every year. Alternative heating methods depend on two factors-affordability

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Calatheas are stunning plants, but not because of any flowers or spectacular leaf patterns (although some species are variegated). Instead, the 60 existing Calathea plants are among the most famous exotic houseplants known as “prayer plants.”

Special nodes at the base of their leaves serve as joints, opening each leaf pair wide during the day, angling them to maintain just the right amount of sun, then folding up into a prayerlike pose at night.

Calathea Leaves YellowingPin

These are very easy plants to care for, but they’re not without a few problems if you fail to maintain their basic care needs.

When this happens, the plant will get stressed and cry for help through one or more clear signs. Of these, perhaps the most common sign is yellow leaves.

Calathea Leaves Yellowing

Unless you have variegation that includes yellow, it’s never good to have yellow leaves on a Calathea.

This common warning

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It is my favorite day of the week here on the blog! Scroll stoppers! & this week it’s extra cozy. There is something about a corner of the room that is packed with textiles, antiques, interesting textures, & more. I gathered up 5 cozy cottage core corner scroll stoppers that stopped me in my scroll this week on Instagram & that I hope inspire you as well…

When I saw this photo from cafedesignblog I about fainted. One because it’s cozy, but you guys… our master bedroom that was supposed to be done by now, has a very similar layout with a tiny French door and walls around it like this. This got me so excited to finally get moving on our bedroom! This has to be the coziest corner ever.

Coming from a home that has not one finished bathroom, this cozy bathroom corner [yes, bathrooms can be cozy!]

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