Inspired by the seating at the Standard Biergarten in NYC, we’ve rounded up a collection of brew pub-style seating with an industrial edge, backrests included (to prevent tipplers from toppling over). For versions without backs see our posts 10 Easy Pieces: Studio Stools.

designed by vincent van duysen for serax, the august bar stool in black is \$50 9
Above: Designed by Vincent Van Duysen for Serax, the August Bar Stool in Black is $506 at Finnish Design Shop.

the classic tolix tabouret ha chair is available in a wide range of powdercoate 10
Above: The classic Tolix Tabouret HA Chair is available in a wide range of powdercoated colors, shown here in Rose Fumé; €484 at Tolix.
the wood and iron drafting chair is designed after the early \20th century orig 11
Above: The wood and iron Drafting Chair is designed after the early 20th century originals once found in art studios; $529 at Schoolhouse.
the afteroom counter chair in black is \$396 at finnish design shop. 12
Above: The Afteroom Counter Chair in Black is $396 at Finnish Design Shop.
at schoolhouse, the \26 inch utility stool, shown in sergeant green, is \$379. 13
Above: At Schoolhouse, the 26 Inch Utility Stool, shown in Sergeant Green, is $379.
a longstanding classic, the bertoia barstool was designed by henry bertoia in \ 14
Above: A longstanding classic, the Bertoia Barstool was designed by Henry Bertoia
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Augmented reality is often the future, particularly in the construction industry. With augmented reality, developers can create virtual walkthroughs of buildings that do not yet exist without the high cost of physical models.

man building a wall

These visuals help clients visualize what a new building would be like and make it easier for designers to plan and document their projects.

1. Use Tt to Create Models of Existing Buildings

Augmented reality can be used to document and simulate existing buildings. The tools allow users to create 3D models that can be shared with clients to show what a building would look like with new features. Users can use augmented reality to create stunning models of existing buildings.

2. Use It to Plan New Construction

A project’s success is often determined by its ability to consider the community’s needs and wants. For this to happen, developers need to interact with the community frequently and

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As I’ve mentioned several times, my latest passion is sculpting with clay. My eight week ceramics class has inspired my new found hobby so getting my hands on clay to form it into shapes is a bit of an obsession in the moment.

I wanted to create a candelabra for future holiday table settings, one that was simple yet organic in its form. I used a branch as the base and sculpted the form with air dry clay.


Grapevine branches are $40 or more so instead I purchased a pair of small bird perches and attached them together with hot glue. Using existing branches as the base saved me the stress of sculpting a branch on my own.

The branches were wrapped in clay and sculpted inch by inch to create the random organic structure.


Supplies: 2.2 lb modeling clay; rolling pin; thick curvy branch; water; ¾” copper cap

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Let’s face it no one ever really expects to have a plumbing emergency, but they can happen to anyone, at any time. Things such as a burst pipe, a blocked sink or toilet and a flooded basement are all plumbing emergencies that can cause serious water damage if not addressed quickly. Now obviously in some cases, these may only be minor problems that you can deal with yourself especially if you have some DIY skills. However, in our experience, the fix is usually temporary and doesn’t completely resolve the problem. So, we thought we would have a look at some of the situations where it would be better to use the services of an emergency plumber. 

When Your Toilet is Overflowing 

If your toilet begins to overflow it is not only inconvenient but could also put the health of anyone living in or visiting your home at risk. While it

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