Seeing an artist at work is akin to witnessing poetry in motion. The rhythm of the movement, the meditative concentration, the flow of energy… these moments that occur during the process of creating something by hand can often be more beautiful and awe-inspiring than the end result. The act of creation that happens behind the scenes always piques our curiosity, sparking our own journey of inspiration in the process. Something truly magical happens to a room when you insert pieces that have been lovingly crafted by someone else. A small part of that passion and energy from the maker transfers into your space, too. It’s the secret to creating a home with soul. This is why we’re so drawn to ceramic vases.

These sculptural vessels bring instant warmth, texture, height, materiality, and vitality. Position them on a pedestal or side table to break up the visual plane or fill

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As Good Housekeeping’s senior home editor, I come across tons of home-related products, both good and bad. But there are some special finds that are just too great to keep to myself. That’s why I’m sharing my favorite home items with you—our readers—here on our website every month in the hope that you’ll appreciate them as much as I do.

Spring tends to be the time of year when many people strive to amp up their cleaning routine, but it’s also a good opportunity to think about your decorating approach. For me, the spring season is my cue to bring the outdoors in with greenery, have fun with home decor accents in an array of graphic patterns and colors, and find simple ways to freshen up my everyday routine.

The good news is you, too, can do this without blowing your budget. That’s why I’m sharing a selection

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New from Brooklyn’s In Common With, in collaboration with artist Sophie Lou Jacobsen: Flora, a lighting collection that draws on the history of Venetian glass-making techniques.

Here are just a few silhouettes we have been coveting—each a splurge, yes, but exquisitely made.

Photography by William Jess Laird, courtesy of In Common With.

the hand shaped fazzo pendant is
Above: The hand-shaped Fazzo Pendant is “made using the centuries-old fazzoletto technique—in which a molten glass dome is spun upside-down to create waves that resemble the wilting petals of a flower—and fitted with hand-finished brass details.” It’s $2,750 and available in the collection’s five colorways (pistachio, opaline, lilac, poppy, and tobacco), with or without dot embellishments.
the gemma table lamp, large (\$6,000) features those dot embellishments,
Above: The Gemma Table Lamp, Large ($6,000) features those dot embellishments, “made using a modern variation on a centuries-old practice, which involves applying handmade glass details—in this case, marble-like dots—to blown glass surfaces.”
the vera sconce (\$\1,\250) has a
Above: The Vera Sconce ($1,250)
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Picture of a games room with pool table

The hobby room you’ve always dreamt of

If you’re trying to find your style, how about decorating a whole room based on your hobby? Home decor ideas can help you create the perfect space, allowing you to incorporate personal elements into your home. Our 2022 Trends Report shows that there are decor ideas for everyone. Both cottagecore and Japandi decor made it into the top 20 trends from TikTok and Instagram.

A hobby room is a space inspired by and adapted for your hobbies. It’s where you go to chill out and immerse yourself in what you love to do. So, if you don’t need a home office and a home gym isn’t your thing, turn your spare room into a hobby room!

Don’t know where to start? Here are some hobby room ideas to inspire you.

A dedicated gaming room

Picture of a games room with console

Updating your gaming setup can completely transform your experience,

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Pool season is almost a wrap but there’s no time like the present to pull back the curtain cover to talk about the automatic pool cover we have and love!

Pool Chaises | Striped Umbrellas | Side Tables

Anthony Sylvan (the pool builder we used) recommended we use an automatic pool cover from Coverstar. Every pool company has its own tried and true cover system they recommend, and this is one they were familiar with. So we put our trust in them and we’re glad we did!

We didn’t know what to expect with this pool cover! Not only would we be able to walk on it, but it could hold up to 2000 lbs! I couldn’t exactly picture it but now I get it. The material is a specially formulated, heavy-duty vinyl fabric, built to last! It’s resistant to pretty much everything; mildew, chemicals, UV light, abrasions, and

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