The most wonderful time of year can look so different from home to home, space to space, style to style. I love that we all resonate during this season of time with family and friends, cozy nights in under a blanket, & sneaking some late night sweet treats just because… but the space we surround ourselves with can look so different & that’s the beauty of design. I have decorated and found inspiration from spaces centered around the greens from garlands, reds from bows, and whites from the twinkle lights scattered around. I have also found ways to display my cozy collections through neutral spaces of all white Christmas trees, vintage Saint Nick dolls, and some cute Papa Noel mugs. Each year I love adding a little to my collection through one of a kind finds at antique shops or checking out some of my favorite stores online. If you

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When design meets the five senses  

sight is clearly the most important. However, here at Studio McGee we believe the sense of smell is the uncontested second. When Robin Williams’ character in Good Will Hunting questions his subordinate’s cultural wisdom, he asks, “I bet you can’t tell me what it smells like in the Sistine Chapel.” He ponders that question because he knows that second only to Michelangelo’s extraordinary paint strokes—which anyone can read about in a book—is the feeling of having stood there on that marble and stone floor and smelt the time-worn aroma that only something of that historic caliber can produce. 

Scent has the ability to transport you unlike any other sense. We’re guessing all of you can pinpoint an aroma that lingered long after the memory. That’s why Shea McGee and the Studio McGee team chose to partner with Pura to create a line

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Homeowners renovating their kitchens are prioritizing deeper cabinets below countertop level. Deeper draws provide more storage than multiple smaller draws with the option to hold bigger appliances and cookware. As a result, it means less storage is needed in the hard-to-reach upper levels. 

Trends and circumstance like the pandemic has people cooking at home more. This has called for intelligent food and cookware storage within cabinets. For example, a dedicated rollout drawer for food containers where lids are slotted in is located on top while containers are stacked below.

There’s a need to store larger appliances like at-home espresso machines. Consequently, that means dedicated cabinet space where the appliance can be stored and operated. Many homeowners are also using pantries as an all-in-one coffee storage and prep area. A design-build firm could assess how your space can fit more useful storage.

Small kitchen appliance storage has also found a

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July 9th, 2022
Posted In: Gardening know how

To deadhead plants, you simply cut off dead or dying flowers.

Deadheading is one of the easiest, yet most effective, gardening techniques. It’s also the best way of ensuring that your garden is full of blooms for as long as possible.

But there are a few things you need to know.

Deadhead flowers to keep plants blooming for longer

This stunning border at Borde Hill Gardens in Sussex is full of plants that will flower for longer if they are deadheaded frequently. That includes campanula, anthemis, roses and hardy geraniums.

Why do you deadhead plants?

When flowers die, the plant uses its energy to turn the dead flower into a seed head.

If you remove that dead flower, then the plant will concentrate its energy on producing the next flower. If it’s a repeat flowering plant, such as cosmos, most roses and dahlias, then you will get more flowers

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