What a lovely week it’s been! In my town, golden leaves cover the trees and the skies are blue. Weather wise, October is such a wonderful month, I had to take a walk every day just to soak it all in. I spent a few extra hours in the ceramics studio, sculpting and glazing. I’ll share more pieces on Instagram as they come out of the kiln and I style them in creative ways. I’m loving this new hobby of mine.

I used to feel stress this time of year especially in the days before Halloween, getting my kids costumes ready and taking them to all the events. Now that they handle costumes themselves and no longer go trick-or-treating, the pressure is off. I miss the sweetness of it but not the exhaustion that came with all those Halloween activities. 🙂

My mind is already in Thanksgiving mode, preparing our

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I realize how intimidating it can be to create delicious, enticing food and set a gorgeous table, but as I always say, beautiful doesn’t have to be complicated. While I’m drawn to aesthetics, my style is certainly rooted in simplicity and accessibility—and this creative credo guided the tabletop design in our Crate & Barrel collection. I wanted to take the guesswork out of setting a table by designing utilitarian pieces that are also worthy of display. With a little thoughtful planning and a few timeless pieces, anyone can execute simple ideas that appear to be far more sophisticated or difficult than they actually are. 

I designed the plates to look just as beautiful on their own as they are stacked; the cheese board, cut from a rosy, terracotta-hued marble looks just as striking on your shelf as it does on your table; and the small bowls that many use

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A furnace can be the heart of any home, as well as many commercial and industrial spaces. However, this also means that a damaged furnace can be a huge problem, especially if you are entering a period of the year when you should expect very cold temperatures.

furnace repairmen

But how do you arrange for quick and easy furnace repairs on short notice? It can sound more daunting than it actually is, and most of the time, it is not hard to get the entire system repaired if you know who to turn to – or how to arrange the right repairs at the right time.

Identify the Signs of Damage

While you should not just open up your furnace and try to fix it yourself, you can look at the symptoms of your furnace’s damage to get a better idea of what is actually happening. Banging noises are going to mean

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