Is it better to tackle a garage floor coating or hire a professional contractor. Obviously, it will be cheaper to tackle the project yourself but is it the best option long terms?

laying epoxy floor

Let’s look at the pros and cons.

Garage Floor Epoxy Coating Quality

  • Professional coatings adhere better and will not peel long term.
  • No fading.
  • Imperfections will not show
  • The floor dries within a day up to a week for home made kist
  • Improved shine
  • More color options. Visit this Jacksonville garage floor coating contractor to see a wide arrange of colors and flakes.

Garage floor kits are about  30 percent  solid and the rest is water. Water-based coatings damage because the coat is thinner than professional grade.  Professional epoxy contains 90% to 100% solid content making the coating much more stable and long lasting..


Kits use an acid wash solution. A professional does not use an acid

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Picture of a home office with wooden slat walls

Wood panel accent walls are making a comeback!

With the current surge in demand for home improvement projects, homeowners across the UK are getting creative with ways to upgrade and refresh their homes and adding a wood slat wall is among their favourite low effort, big impact projects.

In fact, wood slat panels not only add character to any room but they also improve the quality of a house, whilst using materials that fit any budget. For example, wood-based decorative wall panels improve insulation, whilst preventing echo and reducing noise. but can also be used for a range of interior design applications.

Whether it’s your living room or bedroom, improve your room’s aesthetic with a simple wood slat baseboard or interesting focal point.

Here are some of our top wood slat wall design ideas for 2022. 

Featured wall with wood slat wall panels

Picture of a living room with a featured wooden slat wall

Create a unique design in your living

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Our fire pit in the backyard officially passed inspection, and we’ve been spending our fall evenings fire-side with a basket of s’more goodies. Just in time too! Honestly, being unable to turn on the fire until just a couple of weeks ago hasn’t been a huge deterrent because it’s been too hot to use anyway! But the air is turning crisp, and the North Carolina autumn weather is the perfect time to cozy up ’round the fire.

Adirondack Chairs (similar) | Woven Planter | Cedar Pines | Chaises | Umbrella | Side Table

We love a fire pit! There’s just something magical about bringing the best part of camping into your backyard. I thought we would travel through the years and visit all the fire pits we’ve done in the past.

2016 – Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplace

We DIY’d this outdoor fireplace to add interest to our deck

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