The Red House in Aldeburgh, Suffolk was home to composer Benjamin Britton. Regardless of whether you’re a music fan, is the garden worth a visit?

Whilst I’m not a fan of random island borders in gardens, on the whole, I did like the layout of the Red House garden. There were plenty of inspiring takeaway ideas that would work in lots of gardens, no matter the size…

They used gravel very effectively to create space in the garden, a good alternative to expensive paving.

A simple colour palette in the planting always helps to keep things looking good, as do plenty of inviting seating areas!

The box hedging added clarity to the natural wild planting under the trees and the lavenders softened the edges of the paths and beautiful old brick wall.

The herbaceous borders had some good striking plants like the tall yellow Verbascum and purple Salvias.

In the

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Back to School with House Doctors

How can it still be summer when it’s back-to-school time? With kids still jumping in the pool, it’s hard to imagine barbeque season won’t last for a few more months. While those same kids are running barefoot through the lawn, take advantage of the warm weather and long days to finish up your summer projects, including home improvement tasks – especially those multi-day projects. House Doctors was created to take these tasks off your plate.

Beyond a Handyman

House Doctors goes beyond the work of a typical handyman or even a remodeling company. If you need flooring, carpentry, masonry, plumbing, gutters, or decorating, we are here to work alongside you to get the job done. If your summer projects involve home improvement, House Doctors can help you complete every task on the list. Trust a reliable, vetted, licensed, and insured professional to cover

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Setting up a garden when you live in a countryside setting might seem easy but when it comes to urban environments having a garden of your own is next to impossible. That is because gardens usually take up a substantial amount of space. However, thanks to vertical gardening, today, even urban dwellers can successfully maintain a garden, and that too in small spaces.

vertical garden

Vertical gardening today has gained much momentum; however, it is not entirely a new concept. From the time of the roman empire with the Hanging gardens of Babylon being one of its earliest examples, vertical gardening has been around for longer than we might think and the benefits of vertical farming are many.

What is Vertical Gardening?

As the name suggests, vertical gardening is growing plants “vertically”. This usually involves the use of suspended panels on which plants are grown. These panels can either be supported by

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