Healthy Home should be the most comfortable place to rest, socialize and share happiness with family members. Good home care must be done to maintain the quality of life of its residents.

Maybe you have lived in the same place for years. But do you know the requirements of a healthy home?

Here are 7 requirements for a healthy home for your health and comfort and that of your family:

Regularly Cleaned

Unlike in other countries, America is a country with a lot of dust. Dust from the surrounding environment, pollution from vehicles passing by around the house and the lack of greenery to protect against dust are the main factors that make the house dirty quickly.

The house should be cleaned frequently, the floor in every room swept and mopped every day. Household furniture and furniture should be wiped periodically with a damp cloth to avoid dust flying when …

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Residential hot water systems keep water flowing to the home at the perfect temperature. While most modern hot water heaters will provide years of use with minimal maintenance, there are still some things that you’ll want to do. The water heater provides warm water for dishes, showers, and other needs in the home. Therefore, you’ll want to make sure that your hot water systems are properly working at all times.

water heater

For starters, you’ll want to perform a regular inspection of your hot water heater. This includes a visual inspection to see if you notice anything that isn’t working, as well as testing and inspecting certain features and parts. If you’re not familiar with it, or prefer to let the professionals do the work, you can hire a plumber to come inspect and maintain your hot water systems.

Insulate your tank to reduce energy costs and keep heat from escaping. This

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One of the most popular succulent plants is the famous aloe vera, well-known for its medicinal properties and almost impossible to kill. But, unfortunately, aloes are also known for being toxic to pets.

Recently, a genus with many similarities to the aloes has gained much attention. Haworthias look a lot like aloes, but the big question is: Is the succulent Haworthia toxic to cats? Do they share the same toxicity?

Haworthia and CatsPin

Is Haworthia Toxic To Cats?

The good news is that Haworthia is non-toxic to cats, dogs, horses, and livestock. But just because they’re non-toxic doesn’t mean your pet should eat them.

Haworthias are succulents hailing from South Africa and neighboring countries. Zebra plants (Haworthia fasciata) are perhaps the most famous species, although there are over 150 accepted species currently.

Because they love bright light but scorch easily, Haworthias are most often used as indoor plants.

The Truth

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The holidays are upon us 

—and is there anything more exciting than refreshing your home’s décor with some holiday-centric styling elements? “I love decorating for the holidays,” says Shea, and we can’t think of any better way of bringing the holidays into your home than with our latest collection with Target. “We have so many great new pieces,” Shea adds.  



In the webisode out now, see above, Shea leads us through some of her favorites. Of the garland, a rope of cedar needles and eucalyptus leaves ranks near the top. “I love the mix of greenery; it looks like you just added these fresh sprigs in,” Shea explains. “It hangs really gracefully.” And the pillows? “We have really great detailed pillows this season. I love [the] vintage-inspired design [of this one], with little neutral jute tassels,” Shea adds. 

Shea Walks Us Through Her Favorites From the Target Holiday Collection
Shea Walks Us Through Her Favorites From the Target Holiday Collection
Shea Walks Us Through Her Favorites From the Target Holiday Collection

“This new tablecloth is so cute with plaid

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We all know that an array of aesthetic periods and styles enlivens a room, but it can lose its vision without a focal point. When this happens, insert plinths and pedestals at varying heights to provide that anchor. Regardless of whether you’re designing a room, vignette, or even a tablescape, verticality and scale are key. The alternating proportions engage the eye, allowing it to dance from surface to surface. Every one of those surfaces is also an opportunity to express yourself and create vignettes that are personal and meaningful, but most of all, make you happy. Take a peek inside Athena’s bathroom, living room, and hallway for styling inspiration. 

And we’re all about ramping up that visual curiosity, beckoning the eye to linger. If you’re on a quest to do that too, then keep scrolling for some of our favorite plinths and pedestals to start playing around at home. 

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One of the best, most undisputed facts about art is that it is highly personal. What you like, dislike, and find emotionally or spiritually stimulating is completely up to you. Even when monetary value is placed on art, it is still up to the individual to decide whether they appreciate it or not. A piece could be worth one million dollars but that doesn’t mean I or you have to like it. Perhaps this is why the art world can feel polarizing, overwhelming, and even intimidating. There are no set rules for buying art that is meaningful so it can feel debilitating to start. So how does one navigate such unfamiliar territory??

Enter Liz Lidgett, an art advisor and gallery owner who represents 50+ artists from around the world. With 10+ years under her belt, she has a refreshing attitude toward art and emphasizes an approachable, non-pretentious experience for clients. …

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