Nothing’s more relaxing than gathering around a backyard fire pit on a cool evening.

Now, imagine being able to take that fire pit with you on any outing. The folks at Tiki have created just that with their new portable fire pit.

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Family gathered around Tiki brand portable fire pit
TIKI’s portable fire pit is designed for a low-smoke experience, so everyone can breathe easily around it. (The Home Depot)

Gather Round On-The-Go

Enjoy family time in the backyard, tailgates at the ballpark or smores campside with the TIKI Brand Smokeless Portable Fire Pit

The durable, black stainless-steel rectangle design fits in smaller spaces, so packing it to travel is so easy!

Plus, it has built-in handles, so transporting it from your car to your hangout spot is simple!

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Scents elicit memories and set moods. We Googled it and it’s a scientific fact, something about the thalamus and olfactory bulb. While we don’t know about all of that, we do know firsthand that a good way to change the vibe of a room is to change the aroma that fills it. Here, we pair each of the four curated scents from our new Pura x Studio McGee collection with the perfect occasion. When and where, a fragrance guide.    



01 Sea Salt Driftwood + A Sunrise

It’s early in the morning, a Saturday or Sunday, and the light is streaming through the windows casting shadows on your clean, crisp sheets. Sunshine permeates your bedroom. On the nightstand next to you, coffee, or perhaps tea. You have a busy day ahead of you filled with nothing but good things—a backyard BBQ with friends, a quiet day at home with your

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Few things can be as exciting in life as moving into a home you have just purchased. Many people get lost in the moment, however, and make very important mistakes they could end up regretting later on. Some of these mistakes could put their security in jeopardy, cost them money, or both. This is why you need to get as much information as you can on what you can expect when moving to a new house so you can make it feel like home as fast as possible. Let’s take a look at some of the things you should do when moving into a new property.

Perform a Thorough Visual Inspection

Even if the people you bought the home from looked trustworthy at the time, you can never take them at face value. There might be some things missing from the property, or things that were supposed to be done

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