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outdoor furniture to spruce up garden

Introducing new furniture can be a great way to revamp your garden space. In both small spaces or large ones, with either a big statement item or just a simple wooden bench, adding a good piece of furniture can help transform your outdoor living space.

Reorganizing the garden can be fun and an opportunity to express your individuality and creativity. You’ve got lots of choices–whether creating a low-key relaxing haven or a spectacular outdoor space with various outdoor rooms.

More than an outdoor amenity of your house, gardens are an extension of your home, allowing you to extend your living space and spend quality time outdoors.

To help you start, here are some tips for choosing and buying furniture for your garden.

1. Make a List

For a smooth and stress-free process, start by visualizing your garden space, then make a list that includes everything you’d love to

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It is my favorite day of the week here on the blog! Scroll stoppers! & this week it’s extra cozy. There is something about a corner of the room that is packed with textiles, antiques, interesting textures, & more. I gathered up 5 cozy cottage core corner scroll stoppers that stopped me in my scroll this week on Instagram & that I hope inspire you as well…

When I saw this photo from cafedesignblog I about fainted. One because it’s cozy, but you guys… our master bedroom that was supposed to be done by now, has a very similar layout with a tiny French door and walls around it like this. This got me so excited to finally get moving on our bedroom! This has to be the coziest corner ever.

Coming from a home that has not one finished bathroom, this cozy bathroom corner [yes, bathrooms can be cozy!]

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Keeping the same layout, a fresh slate of materials adds a personal touch

sage green kitchen with bar seating at peninsula
  • Homeowners: First-time homeowner Abby posted her project on Sweeten
  • Where: Crown Heights in Brooklyn, New York
  • Primary renovation: A newly-built condo gets a fresh sage green kitchen re-do
  • Sweeten general contractor
  • Homeowner’s quote:I had also heard a lot of renovation horror stories about delays, misinformation, and cost overruns. Sweeten was a great resource in making me feel comfortable to undertake the project.”
  • Sweeten’s role: Sweeten matches home renovation projects with vetted general contractors, offering advice, support, and financial protection—at no cost to the homeowner.

Written in partnership with Sweeten homeowner Abby. “After” photos by Kate Glicksberg for Sweeten.

Good timing for a renovation

Portrait of Sweeten homeowner Abby

I made my first home purchase during COVID in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. My condo is located in a building built in 2020 and is steps away from the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and

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If you’re checking the thermometer lately, you’ll know that the end of the gardening season is fast approaching for many of us. But, if this chilly weather has you feeling blue, rest assured that there are plenty of garden tasks yet to be done.

First and foremost, now is the time to get those spring-blooming bulbs planted. Whether it’s cheery daffodils or early-to-rise snowdrops, you’ll need to act fast to get those bulbs into the ground before it freezes. A few of the tools below will make that job easier and help take the guesswork out of how deep to plant or how wide to make those holes.

If you’re still being inundated with falling leaves and getting especially frustrated with the ones that get stuck under the shrubs in your garden, there’s a tool to help with that delicate task, too.

And, if you think you’ve seen everything there

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