Coats! Boots! Oh how I love to hunker down and wear a comfortable outfit on the inside with a great coat and boots on the outside. I just shot another quick social partnership with Madewell but I know that many of you don’t follow over there (which I fully get). So I figured I’d post about my pics here with commentary and a few non-Madewell pieces that I’m into. For these partnerships, they give me free rein to order stuff for them to send, but not everything works. So I usually go to the store and find what I think is very, very, very good. That’s all to say that it’s very edited and stuff I legit love (not stuff they ask me to wear/post about). So here they are…

Coat | T-Shirt | Jeans | Beanie | Boots

I think I whispered out loud “oh, hell yes,” when I …

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Welcome back to another cozy Friday! Fall is here, if you live in a place where you get all four seasons, hopefully you are surrounded by all the colors. This year has been breathtaking around the farm, and we hope it stays around for a little while. What I have seen this year in the world of interiors and home decor has been very polarizing, between Christmas decor and fall decor. In a typical year, simply thinking of taking a peek at my Christmas decor this early into fall, pushes people’s buttons. However, this year I feel like there may be a lot more people ready to pull out their garlands and bows, maybe even before Halloween. For us, it has been a family tradition here to start our Christmas Decor on or the day after Halloween. Before we had Copey (who loves the spooky season), we would pull out

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Jerry and Shay’s backyard is big enough for them to enjoy, but something is missing. Their small patio offers little space for entertaining guests, and their old firepit is secluded from any seating.

But that’s OK. Because when your patio is tiny, just create another one! That’s just what we’re doing on this episode of Today’s Homeowner.

The Projects

View of concrete patio
This patio is small but in good shape. Fresh paint and concrete stain brighten its appearance to better match the new patio.

Spruce Up Existing Patio

First, we want to touch up the existing patio so it visually works well when the new patio is completed.

We pressure wash the concrete pad and then stain it to better match the new paver patio. To apply the stain, we use a pump sprayer with a circular motion, and then roll the stain to get it deep into the surface.

Laying out a patio using string
Before we
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