Plinths and Pedestals to Break the Visual Plane at Home

We all know that an array of aesthetic periods and styles enlivens a room, but it can lose its vision without a focal point. When this happens, insert plinths and pedestals at varying heights to provide that anchor. Regardless of whether you’re designing a room, vignette, or even a tablescape, verticality and scale are key. The alternating proportions engage the eye, allowing it to dance from surface to surface. Every one of those surfaces is also an opportunity to express yourself and create vignettes that are personal and meaningful, but most of all, make you happy. Take a peek inside Athena’s bathroom, living room, and hallway for styling inspiration. 

And we’re all about ramping up that visual curiosity, beckoning the eye to linger. If you’re on a quest to do that too, then keep scrolling for some of our favorite plinths and pedestals to start playing around at home. 

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