Why Is My Fiddle Leaf Fig Dropping Leaves?

Fiddle Leaf Figs are stunning, distinctive, and nice additions to any dwelling. However, like all vegetation, they’ll generally have issues. One of the vital widespread issues is a fiddle leaf fig dropping leaves.

Fiddle-leaf fig dropping leavesPin

Leaf drop is a typical drawback amongst many sorts of vegetation and may be brought on by a number of various things, together with:

  • Drought stress
  • An excessive amount of water
  • Extra fertilizer
  • Poor drainage
  • Pests or illness
  • Adjustments in temperature or gentle

On this article, we’ll check out the most typical causes of leaf drop in fiddle leaf figs and what you are able to do to repair the issue.

What Is Inflicting My Fiddle Leaf Fig To Drop Leaves?

In the beginning, let’s dive into the most typical causes of leaf drop in fiddle leaf figs.

Purpose #1: Drought Stress

Drought stress is probably the most frequent reason for leaf drop in fiddle leaf figs.

Ficus are native to tropical areas, and fiddle leaf figs like lots of water. So after they don’t get sufficient water, their leaves will begin to flip brown and drop off.

In case you count on your fiddle leaf fig is experiencing drought stress, the very first thing you need to do is examine the soil. It must be moist however by no means soggy.

If it’s dry, water it totally and ensure the drainage is nice.

You can even strive misting your fiddle leaf fig with water to assist enhance the humidity. Simply be certain to not mist the leaves too continuously, as this will trigger them to rot.

Purpose #2: Too A lot Water

Along with drought stress, your fiddle leaf fig would possibly wrestle in case you’re overwatering it.

When fiddle leaf figs are overwatered, their roots can’t get the oxygen they should survive. This may trigger the leaves to show brown and drop off.

To keep away from overwatering your fiddle leaf fig, examine the soil earlier than watering it. If it’s nonetheless moist, don’t water it. As a substitute, let the soil completely dry earlier than watering once more.

It’s additionally a good suggestion to get a moisture meter that can assist you hold observe of the soil moisture. That method, you’ll be able to water your fiddle leaf fig when wanted and keep away from overwatering.

Purpose #3: Extra Fertilizer

An excessive amount of fertilizer can even trigger leaf drops in fiddle leaf figs. While you fertilize your fiddle leaf fig, you’re basically giving it a giant dose of vitamins.

However, in case you use an excessive amount of fertilizer, the roots can’t soak up the entire vitamins, inflicting a few of them to finish up within the leaves.

This may trigger leaf drop, and if not corrected, may be devastating to the plant. In case you assume your fiddle leaf fig has been over-fertilized, flush the pot with water to take away any extra fertilizer from the soil. Then, in the reduction of on how typically you fertilize your plant.

Purpose #4: Poor Drainage

Fiddle leaf figs want well-drained soil to thrive. If the soil doesn’t drain properly, the roots can develop into waterlogged, which may trigger the leaves to show brown and drop off.

To make sure good drainage, use a pot with a drainage gap and add a mattress of gravel or rocks to the underside of the pot. It will assist to maintain the roots from sitting in water.

Purpose #5: Pests Or Illness

Fiddle leaf figs can be vulnerable to pests and illnesses. Each of those could cause leaf drops, in addition to different issues.

Some widespread pests that assault fiddle leaf figs embody mealybugs, scale, and spider mites.

In case you see any of those pests in your plant, you’ll must deal with it with an insecticide.

Widespread illnesses that have an effect on fiddle leaf figs embody root rot and leaf spot. Each of those may be handled with fungicides.

Nevertheless, it’s all the time greatest to stop illnesses from occurring within the first place by conserving your plant wholesome.

Purpose #6: Adjustments In Temperature Or Mild

Fiddle leaf figs are native to tropical areas and like heat temperatures and shiny gentle.

Nevertheless, they’ll additionally tolerate some modifications in temperature and light-weight.

In case your fiddle leaf fig is out of the blue uncovered to colder temperatures or much less gentle, it will possibly trigger the leaves to drop off.

To keep away from this, make sure you acclimate your plant slowly to any modifications in temperature or gentle.

What Can You Do To Save A Fiddle Leaf Fig From Leaf Drop?

If any of the above issues are plaguing your fiddle leaf fig, don’t despair—there are issues you are able to do to assist your plant get better.

In case you act shortly and diligently, you could possibly save your fiddle leaf fig from dying.

Establish The Drawback

Utilizing the define above, do your greatest to establish which drawback (or issues) are inflicting your fiddle leaf fig to drop leaves.

That is vital as completely different issues require completely different options.

As soon as you recognize what’s improper, you’ll be able to take steps to deal with the difficulty and save your plant.

Indicators To Watch Out For

For the reason that signs of leaf drops are comparable irrespective of the rationale for his or her incidence, to assist slim down the issue, be looking out for some other indicators that may make it easier to establish the difficulty.

Listed below are some indicators to be careful for:

Discolored leaves: If the leaves of your fiddle leaf fig flip yellow, brown, or black, this might be an indication of overwatering, nutrient deficiencies, or pests/illnesses.

Wilting leaves: If the leaves are wilting or drooping, this might be an indication of too little water, an excessive amount of water, or poor drainage.

Yellowing leaves with brown spots: If the leaves are yellowing and have brown spots, this might be an indication of leaf spot illness.

Sticky leaves: If the leaves are sticky, this might be an indication of pests.

Holes within the leaves: If there are holes within the leaves, this might be an indication of pests.

In case you see any of those indicators along with leaf drop, it would make it easier to to establish the issue so you’ll be able to take steps to repair it.