What Causes Crimson Spots On Fiddle Leaf Fig Vegetation?

Fiddle leaf fig vegetation are recognized for his or her vivid inexperienced showy leaves and make fantastic accents in your house. Joann Gaines loves them. However, when purple spots on fiddle leaf fig plant leaves present up, this means one thing is unsuitable.

Leaves of your Ficus ought to develop readily and current as shiny inexperienced with none markings.

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Causes Your New Fiddle Leaf Fig Leaves Have Crimson Dots

If you’re seeing purple spots on new fiddle leaf ficus leaves as a substitute of the standard vivid, shiny inexperienced leaves, most often, your plant isn’t getting the correct amount of water, or the soil isn’t draining accurately.

As soon as you utilize the right watering schedule, fiddle leaf fig purple spots will reduce and go away.

Decorative vegetation are delicate to an excessive amount of water; if the leaves have an excessive amount of moisture stress or edema, the leaves kind purple spots.

Listed below are numerous different the reason why your Fiddle-leaf fig leaves have purple dots.

1. Edema On Fiddle Leaf Fig

The commonest motive you see purple dots on fiddle leaf fig vegetation is edema.

Edema, or moisture stress, is triggered whenever you overwater your plant.

What occurs is that the roots of your fiddle leaf fig take in extra water than the construction of the plant can course of.

Just like how a pipe can burst with an excessive amount of water strain, purple spots on a brand new fiddle leaf point out that the cells throughout the plant have burst on account of water strain. The purple spots are literally useless plant cells.

To repair this “water strain downside”, alter your watering schedule and verify to make sure that the soil across the fiddle leaf plant drains correctly.

As soon as your fiddle leaf fig plant will get the suitable quantity of water on a schedule, the brand new leaves will current as shiny inexperienced.

When you think about your water schedule and soil drainage, it is advisable contemplate the humidity within the air and normal air circulation.

These two elements additionally affect a wholesome plant’s water wants.

2. Bacterial Or Fungal Infections

Crimson dots on fiddle leaf fig vegetation can be attributable to different issues affecting the stability of the plant.

For instance, infections may also contribute to an unhealthy fiddle leaf fig.

  • Bacterial Infections – One attainable supply for purple veins or spots on fiddle leaf fig is a bacterial an infection that reveals up first on the veins or margins of the plant. Search for the sample of brown or purple on a number of leaves or the whole plant.
  • Fungal Infections – Fungal infections may also trigger fiddle leaf fig noticed leaves. Root rot is probably the most prevalent fungal an infection in fiddle leaf fig vegetation. Root rot is attributable to an excessive amount of water within the soil, usually attributable to poor drainage or an excessive amount of watering. Root rot presents as large brown spots or purple dots on fiddle leaves.

3. Spider Mites And False Spider Mites

Insect infestation could cause burst plant cells and end in fiddle leaf fig new leaf purple spots. It’s additionally attainable that you will discover white spots.

If bugs are the issue, the most typical bugs on fiddle leaf fig vegetation are spider mites and false spider mites.

These bugs are sometimes too small to be seen with the bare eye. As a substitute, you want a magnifying glass or microscope.

  • Spider Mites – Like spiders, spider mites create webs in your plant’s leaves which are so small you often want a magnifying glass or microscope to see them. Even for those who don’t see the spider mites however do see these webs, they’re doubtless the work of spider mites. Spider mites dwell beneath the leaves and may be purple, orange, inexperienced, white, or translucent.
  • False Spider Mites – These bugs are exhausting to detect as a result of they dwell beneath the leaves. They don’t create webs however have orange-red our bodies with small black spots. You may even see them on leaves or leaf stems, imitating mud.

4. Sunburned Fiddle Leaf Figs

Consider it or not, fiddle leaf purple spots may be attributable to an excessive amount of solar.

The commonest indicator of an excessive amount of solar on a fiddle leaf fig plant is white patches, which may additionally exhibit brown or purple spots.

In the event you transfer your fiddle leaf fig right into a sunnier place, you’ll have an adjustment interval with broken leaves.

5. Not Sufficient Water Or Underwatering

Fiddle leaf fig vegetation can develop purple and brown spots on their leaves on account of underwatering.

The leaves can seem brown with some purple. This means that your plant isn’t getting sufficient water via the roots and, subsequently, not absorbing sufficient vitamins.

How Do You Remove Crimson Spots On Your Fiddle Leaf Fig?

To resolve your fiddle leaf downside, observe these steps:

Dry Out Your Plant

Drying out your soil will relieve the water strain.

Wait till your plant soil is dry, at the least 2″ inches on the prime, earlier than you water it once more.

Cut back Humidity

Humidity ought to be between 30% to 65% p.c. Your vegetation ought to be joyful if air can flow into your fiddle leaf fig.

Take away Bugs

Wash your plant’s leaves with cleaning soap and water to take away pesky mites. Or put your plant in your sink and use the spray deal with to rinse off the leaves.

If that doesn’t work, use neem oil or an insecticide cleaning soap to clean leaves.

Take away Micro organism

Begin by eradicating any contaminated leaves. Then repot your plant in a brand new pot and use new soil.

To maintain the fiddle leaf plant within the current pot, you should sanitize it.

To sanitize it combine 1 half bleach with 9 components water in a container large enough to carry your pot.

Then place the pot into the container totally underwater for 20 minutes. Scrub the pot clear. Then let the pot air dry.

As soon as dry, you possibly can plant your fiddle leaf fig again into the identical pot.

Take away Fungus

Verify the plant’s roots for colour.

Wholesome roots are tan or white and simple to bend. Rotten roots are mushy feeling and brown or black.

Pull your plant out of the soil and lower off any rotten roots. Then utilizing the identical process as for micro organism, repot your fiddle leaf plant.

Treatment Solar Injury

Begin by eradicating any affected leaves. Then, transfer the fiddle leaf fig to a spot with much less direct solar publicity (about 6 hours day by day for established vegetation).

New vegetation could not tolerate the identical quantity of daylight. If new, begin with much less gentle and regularly improve the publicity.