Jose and I were driving yesterday and saw a sign, “Boo in 25 days!” Which had me realize there are some years that it feels like forever to get to those super fun & cozy holidays… I don’t think that is going to be this year. I don’t know about you, but for me, as soon as Halloween passes, I feel like you’re on that downward turn of a rollercoaster with the rest of the year; a hard drop to Thanksgiving a few moments of slow-down and feeling like you have it together, but those feelings quickly passing because Christmas Eve is knocking at your door… One of the points I tried to emphasize in my book, Cozy White Cottage Seasons, is that everyone experiences different seasons of their life, throughout their life. This year, we are in a season of projects, unfinished spaces, and slightly overwhelmed with design choices

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Macbook Pros have long been the top pick for those who want something powerful and sleek that also offers high-quality graphics. Yet, if you are looking for a Macbook Pro alternative, you have options. 

Your first step is to consider what you are looking for. Is it power, graphics, processor or battery life?

Next, figure out your price range. Knowing how much you want to spend is key.

We’ve gathered the top choices for productivity and performance all in one place. Here’s a look at Macbook Pro alternatives.

Top Macbook Pro Alternatives

When it comes to finding the right laptop, there are many key features to look for. If you are in the market for an alternative to the Macbook Pro, here are our top choices.

1. Dell XPS 15

Dell XPS 15
  • 11th Generation Intel Core i7-11800H 8-Core 2.30 GHz Processor (24MB Intel Smart Cache, Turbo Boost up to…
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March 22, 2022 by Robin Plaskoff Horton


It’s estimated that the planet has only another 60 years left of farmable soil. A result of continuously growing crops along with soil erosion, leaching and nitrogen loss, soil fertility decline occurs when the quantities of nutrients removed from the soil through harvested products exceed the quantities of nutrients being applied. In this scenario, the the soil taps its reserves to meet the crop’s nutrient requirements until these reserves can no longer meet crop demands.

A new documentary, The Need to GROW, powerfully explores the urgent problem of living on a planet that has only an estimated 60 years left of farmable soil. It documents the creative and courageous ways in which different individuals are responding to that challenge. The film highlights the stories of three main characters: Alicia Serratos, an 8-year-old Girl Scout; Erik Cutter, a regenerative urban farmer; and Michael

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From cell phone to smartphone, the evolution of connection continues apace. But one thing that remains the same is our dependence on pocket-sized technology.

As designs moved from touch-tone to keypad to touch screen, so did the way we interacted with our phones. If you find yourself fumbling with the touch screen all too often, there is a solution.

Phones with a stylus pen give you more control over phone navigation. You can have better accuracy with drawing, writing, and gaming. 

This list of the best phones with stylus offers models that will make you rethink what a stylus pen can do. 

Top Smart Cell Phones with Stylus

Ready to edit photos down to the pixel, give your thumbs a rest, or manage your calendar like a pro? Stylus phones can help.

Check out our top picks for smartphones that are either stylus-ready or have an integrated stylus pen.

  • 4500
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Last August we took a look at some of the decisions that led us to build a low energy home. Now that we’ve been through our first full calendar year, it’s time to reveal our energy bill and see how things are working out. I have separated out figures for the heat pump versus everything else. But first a bit about our setup.

Economy 7

As an all-electric house, it was important to move to an Economy 7 meter which happened a few months after we moved in. This gives us separate Day and Night rates for our electricity. Unfortunately smart meters are not available in Northern Ireland yet so there are currently no options for half-hour metering, demand side response or agile tariffs.

The best thing we can do then is to make sure as much of our energy usage is pushed into the night rate, a 7 hour

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