Why Are My Rubber Plant Leaves Falling Off?

Ficus Elastica (FY-kus ee-LASS-tih-kuh) is called the Rubber Plant or Rubber Tree Plant. This in style decorative houseplant is well-known for its broad, enticing shiny leaves.

As well as, rubber crops do properly in a secure location that gives low to reasonable gentle and safety from drafts and chilly temperatures. If all of those situations are met however expertise issues with falling Rubber Plant leaves, chances are you’ll be responsible of overwatering, which may trigger extreme leaf drop.

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When these situations are met, the leaves simply want a little bit of upkeep with a humid sponge or comfortable material to take away mud from the leaves.

NOTE: A pest infestation may trigger leaves to fall. Perceive that it’s fairly regular for a number of backside leaves to age, yellow, and fall.

On this article, we are going to discover why a Rubber Plant’s leaves would possibly fall off and supply suggestions that will help you address this drawback. Learn on to be taught extra.

5 Causes And Fixes For Falling Rubber Tree Leaves

Speedy leaf loss is all the time alarming in a houseplant. So what are you able to do in case your Rubber Tree immediately begins shedding leaves?

Start by interested by your care habits and asking your self these 5 questions.

1. Has The Mild Stage Modified Not too long ago?

Fairly often, whenever you transfer your Ficus Elastica from one place to a different, the sudden change in gentle ranges will spur leaf drop.

Should you usually let your plant take pleasure in spring and summer season open air, transition it from indoors to open air and again very step by step. This can reduce shock and leaf drop, however it most likely received’t eradicate it.

Slightly leaf drop on the change of seasons is regular.

2. Is The Rubber Plant Infested With Pests?

In case your plant is overwatered or in any other case compromised, it will likely be extra prone to appeal to pests, corresponding to scale bugs.

These pests even have larger entry to your plant whether it is summer season open air. When pests transfer in, leaf drops might ensue.

Earlier than bringing your Rubber Plant in from the outside, study it rigorously and take away any hitchhikers. Then, spray it proactively with a neem oil answer and wipe the leaves and stems clear.

You possibly can add a number of drops of neem oil to the water you utilize to wipe the leaves commonly. This can assist fight potential pest infestation and impart a pleasant shine to the leaves.

3. Are The Humidity Ranges Excessive Sufficient?

Do not forget that Ficus Elastica is a tropical plant that grows within the jungle in nature. Due to this fact, it wants excessive ranges of humidity.

You possibly can provide this by inserting your plant’s container on a pebble tray with somewhat water on the backside or utilizing a humidifier.

Misting additionally contributes to humidity however is just not as efficient, and moist leaves can result in fungal issues.

4. Is My Plant Uncovered To A Draft?

Your Rubber Plant will thrive in a setting that’s sheltered and constantly heat. Frequent sizzling or chilly drafts will disturb it.

In case your plant is close to a window, door, warmth vent, or air conditioner, the draft could also be inflicting it to drop leaves.

Transfer your plant to an space the place it won’t be subjected to wind and temperature modifications.

Word that it might protest by dropping extra leaves whenever you transfer it. Be affected person and preserve it in its new setting.

Whether it is correctly protected and will get the correct quantity of sunshine, humidity, and heat, it ought to start to supply new development inside a few weeks.

5. Am I Giving My Plant Too A lot Of A Good Factor?

Overwatering or extreme fertilizing could cause leaf drop. As a substitute, make use of a soak-and-dry watering system.

Solely water when the highest couple of inches of your Rubber Tree’s soil is dry. Then water completely and guarantee your plant is just not left in water.

Present a half dose of a very good high quality, general-purpose houseplant fertilizer early within the spring and as soon as in mid-summer.

Cut back watering within the winter, and don’t fertilize within the winter.

Present Your Rubber Plant With Constant Care

The Ficus elastica comes from Southeast Asia, the place it might probably develop to be a 50-foot-tall tree. If you develop it in your house, it’ll naturally expertise relatively stunted development.

Even so, with constant, cautious care, your Rubber Plant can develop into a powerful Rubber Tree.

Make sure you present excessive humidity and daytime temperatures of about 80° levels Fahrenheit (or larger). You shouldn’t let the temperature drop beneath 65° levels Fahrenheit at evening.

Though Rubber Timber can do properly in low lighting, vivid, oblique lighting is all the time higher.

Set your plant up in an space a number of toes away from a window in order that it will get ample gentle with out being topic to the tough, burning rays of the solar.

A setting away from home windows or doorways will even assist shield the plant from extreme warmth or chill that may come by means of even a closed aperture. This form of setting will even shield your plant from wind and drafts.

Though these tropical crops do like constantly moist soil, they’re higher off barely underwatered than overwatered.

Overwatering results in fungal an infection and root rot which may trigger leaf loss and, finally, plant dying.

By no means let your crops’ soil develop into bone dry, however do permit the highest few inches of soil to dry out earlier than offering a radical watering.