What Are The Totally different Sorts Of Zinnias?

If you need colourful, versatile, easy-growing annuals in your spring and summer time veggie beds, flowerbeds, and pollinator gardens, you possibly can’t go mistaken with the various kinds of Zinnias.

These cheery members of the Aster household originated in South and Central America, Mexico, and the southwestern United States.

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From there, Dr. Johann Gottfried Zinn introduced them to Europe in the course of the 18th century, they usually have been named after him. Then, in the course of the early twentieth century, they grew to become common bedding vegetation due to their ease of rising and the big variety of colours and types accessible.

On this article, we are going to describe the varieties of zinnias accessible to you and suggest selecting and planting these pollinator-friendly flowers in your summer time backyard. Learn on to be taught extra.

Primary Classes Or Sorts Of Zinnia Flowers

There are quite a few types of Zinnias accessible in 4 primary classes or varieties. They’re sorted by the rows of petals discovered on the flowers. They’re:

  • Single-flowered zinnias have the flower heart uncovered and current a single row of petals. This association makes it simple for pollinators to gather pollen.
  • Semi-double flowered zinnias even have the facilities uncovered and current two or extra rows of petals.
  • Totally double-flowered zinnias have the facilities obscured or lined and current a number of rows of petals. Be aware that if you wish to appeal to and accommodate pollinators, this isn’t the only option as a result of they could be unable to find or entry the blooms‘ pollen.
  • Cactus flowered zinnias have lengthy petals that roll below, leading to every petal forming its personal flower.

There are additionally large dwarf types of zinnias of all sorts. Anecdotal proof signifies that these smaller variations might not be as enticing to pollinators as their full-sized relations.

It might be that they’re merely not as seen as a result of they’re at a decrease degree, or maybe they include much less nectar.

Regardless of the rationale, it’s finest to maintain these types as borders or maybe in window bins, railing planters, and hanging baskets.

12 Widespread Zinnia Varieties

There are seventeen species of Zinnias, and all are beautiful and simple to develop. Many cultivars and hybrids make it doable for gardeners to select from all kinds of sizes, shapes, colours, and flower types.

Most produce nice numbers of blooms from early within the spring till mid-autumn.

Listed here are a dozen of the preferred varieties:

Zinnia Elegans

Zinnia elegans is a really well-known annual backyard denizen. These zinnias could develop to be three ft excessive.

They’ve massive, considerable blooms, coarse leaves, and durable, bushy stems.

Zinnia Angustifolia

Zinnia angustifolia tends to be a bit extra low-growing. This makes it a sensible choice as a container plant, in hanging baskets, or alongside borders.

Sizes vary from 6″ inches excessive to three′ ft excessive. These vegetation have small, slender leaves and considerable blooms.

State Truthful Combine Zinnias

State Truthful Combine Zinnias can be found in each small and enormous varieties. The tall selection may be very enticing to butterflies and different pollinators and may develop to a towering 4″ ft excessive. Every plant produces extra-large 5 or 6-inch blooms.

Zowie Yellow Flame Zinnia

Zowie Yellow Flame Zinnia may be very common with butterflies, particularly Monarchs and Japanese Tiger Swallowtails. This selection produces beautiful massive flowers in shades of yellow/pink/orange with pink facilities.

It is a small selection with very sturdy stems. Don’t anticipate it to develop over 3′ ft excessive.

California Giants

California Giants are a high-growing alternative that butterflies love. Their blooms are massive and blowsy, trying like Dahlias.

Minimize ‘n’ Come Once more

Minimize ‘n’ Come Once more is an efficient alternative for a reducing backyard/pollinator backyard. The blooms are pretty small, however, because the identify suggests, they’ll take a frequent reducing and regrow enthusiastically.

Benary’s Big

Benary’s Big is a surprisingly double-blooming selection that appears extraordinarily enticing to bees and butterflies alike.

Whilst you could not need to make a mass planting of them, together with a patch in your pollinator backyard could very properly show to be successful.

Magellan Collection

Magellan Collection are dwarf varieties with large blooms. They develop a couple of foot excessive and unfold about 2′ ft. Their blooms are a whopping 5″ inches throughout, which is a good alternative for restricted backyard area.

Accessible varieties embrace Magellan Ivory, Magellan Pink, and Magellan Cherry. Select one or combine and match for a stunning, multicolored present all summer time lengthy.

Profusion Zinnias

Profusion Zinnias are a dwarf selection that appears fairly common with butterflies. Make a border round your pollinator backyard, or in case you are restricted to porch or balcony area, plant them in railing bins, window bins, or hanging baskets. It will make them simpler for bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds to seek out.


Dreamland is one other small selection that tops out at a couple of foot excessive and produces Dahlia-like 4-inch blooms.

Combine and match or select from Dreamland Pink, Dreamland Yellow, and Dreamland Coral.


Zinnita is a really small double-blooming selection that usually grows solely 7″ or 8″ inches excessive. The blooms are about 2″ inches throughout.

This plant has a thick, bushy development behavior and will be inspired to supply extra blooms all summer time lengthy with common deadheading.

Fairly little Zinnita is offered in white, orange, and scarlet.

Peter Pan

Peter Pan is a compact double-flowered alternative that attains a top of twelve inches and produces multicolored blooms between 3″ and 4″ inches throughout.

It has enticing, broad, deep inexperienced foliage and is very simple to develop from seed.

10 Suggestions For Efficiently Planting And Rising Zinnias

Zinnias are simple to develop and simple to look after. You can begin zinnia seeds indoors a number of weeks earlier than your final predicted freeze or straight sow them into the soil instantly afterward. Both approach, you might be certain to have an ideal success price.

Observe the following pointers:

  • Select a sunny location in your zinnia mattress. These summer time bloomers like full solar.
  • Select a heat location the place the temperature will ideally keep a gradual 74° to 84° levels Fahrenheit.
  • Amend the soil so it’s mild, ethereal, and well-draining with a pH degree starting from 5.5 to 7.5.
  • Cowl the seeds flippantly with lower than 1 / 4 inch of free soil.
  • When your seedlings have emerged and attained a top of three″ inches, skinny them to permit sufficient room for development and unfold.
  • Go away about 6″ to 18″ inches between particular person vegetation.
  • If planting seedlings out into the backyard, place rows a few ft aside with particular person vegetation 6″ inches aside in every row.
  • To have plenty of blooms all season, sow zinnia seeds in succession. When your first sown seeds have reached 3″ inches, sow extra between them. You too can sow zinnia seeds between seedlings that you just plant out within the backyard.
  • Fertilize with low nitrogen, controlled-release fertilizer at planting time.
  • Deadhead blooms, maintain foliage pruned and skinny vegetation as wanted to keep up good air circulation and forestall issues with powdery mildew.
  • In case you discover powdery mildew in your vegetation, you could possibly cease it in its tracks by treating it with a gentle spray resolution of plain water and baking soda, skim milk, or hydrogen peroxide.

Pollinator-Pleasant Zinnias Ship Lengthy-Lasting Magnificence

Straightforward breezy zinnias make great newbie vegetation. A small quantity of ability and care may end up in a really profitable and exquisite spring and summertime pollinator backyard.

These brilliant, cheery bloomers additionally make an ideal addition to the veggie backyard. Combined amongst the rows, they draw helpful bugs to your vegetable patch.

Their lengthy bloom season and brilliant colours make them an ideal alternative so as to add long-lasting shade to your panorama.