The New Loloi Jules Rug + Other Rugs in the CLJ Team’s Homes

We’re happy to announce the latest addition to our family – our Loloi rug family, that is! The Jules collection grew by one, and boy-oh-boy is she good. So say hello to Ink Terracotta, the baby of the fam. This Loloi Jules rug is the perfect addition to the printed, vintage-inspired collection and I can’t wait to see it in your homes!

Rug | Nightstand | Table Lamp | Bed | Curtains | Roman Shades | Brass Frames | Art

I rolled her out into the living room, and I couldn’t think of a more perfect place for her to be. What I love about the Ink Terracotta is the way the warm pinks and rusts blend with the blues and greens. It’s a lovely mix of colors while still somehow remaining a vintage, neutral rug you could put anywhere. I’d say this would pair beautifully with the Slate Ivory or the Straw Ivory if you want to mix and match rugs in your home.

Along with this new addition, I thought it would be fun to showcase some of the latest rugs in the homes of our CLJ team. Something we all have in common is we enjoy making home a reflection of us, so it’s fun to see bits and pieces of their personalities shine through. Overall, I can’t help but feel so proud to be able to work alongside these creative people.

Andi’s Living Room – Visual Media Producer

Rug | Armchairs | Sofa | Curtains | Chandelier | Coffee Table

When I saw the classic diamond checkerboard pattern of the Francis 01, my heart skipped a beat. When I rolled it out, I smiled so big, and my husband smiled even bigger. It has elevated our whole space and feels so much like us. It’s a wool rug which means it’s thick, soft, and durable. It’s such a win!

Becca’s Living Room – Good Influence(r) Manager

Rug | Sconces | Sectional

“Our living room “grew up” with the addition of the Humphrey Ivory/Multi. The color palette is mature, the design is refined, and it’s the softest rug I’ve ever felt. I was excited to bring the Humphrey Ivory/Multi into our living room to create a sense of moodiness. In this space, the walls are white, and the couch is cream, so I wanted a rug that brought in some color — but also one that complemented the tones of the furniture we already had.”

Missy’s Living Room – Editorial Manager

Rug | Shelves | Lamp | Curtains

“I was struggling to know what to do with this room until I rolled out the Chris Ivory Denim rug. The blue tones complement the warm leather sofa and red brick fireplace so much. This rug has just enough color while also feeling really sophisticated and neutral. It’s exactly what this room needed! I tend to decorate with a lot of colors, and now this central room in my home feels like a breath of fresh air.”

Missy’s Family Room

Rug | Charly Sectional | Side Table | Curtains

“This family room neighbors the living room above, and it has a piece of my heart. When I painted the walls this deep blackberry color, I knew I needed a neutral creamy rug to lighten this room, and the Francis Cream Black is exactly that. This is where our family gets all cozied up for movie nights, and I have peace of mind knowing this 100% wool rug will stand the test of time.”

Victoria’s Bedroom – Brand Manager and Publicist

Rug | Duvet Cover | Table Lamp

“The Humphrey Plum/Multi is my favorite CLJxLoloi rug from the new collections. It’s got a masculine, artistic vibe — and such a sophisticated palette. I layered it under my bed in the primary bedroom and immediately reveled in how it brought out the ochre in the duvet, the citron green of the chair, and the deep burgundy of the pillows. Humphrey is such a wonderful rug for a bedroom because it’s the softest underfoot.”

Brooke’s Front Room – Affiliate Manager

Rug | Chandelier | Accent Chairs | Bookshelf | Olive Tree

“My favorite thing about the Humphrey collection is how soft they are. I just want to lay in here all day. This Natural Moss rug plays along so nicely with the blue-gray walls. This room is right off our entry, so I wanted it to feel like a warm, inviting welcome.”

Shop Rugs in Our Team’s Homes

1. Jules Ink / Terracotta
2. Francis Beige / Charcoal
3. Humphrey Ivory / Multi
4. Chris Ivory / Denim
5. Francis Cream / Black
6. Humphrey Plum / Multi
7. Humphrey Natural / Moss

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