Introducing the Exclusive Black Pura Device + The Best Pura Scents for Winter!

If you hadn’t heard, Pura is a smart fragrance diffuser with interchangeable fragrances, all controllable from an app. My favorite features are that each device holds two different fragrances, you can set each on its own schedule, AND you get to select the fragrance intensity! It’s pretty easy to set up, and then it’s kind of a set-and-forget situation (which is my favorite kind).

Up until recently, they only had white devices, but you know me…my design philosophy basically revolves around the need for every room to have a touch of black. I. love. black! So, it is with great honor that I, we, Chris Loves Julia, gets to EXCLUSIVELY announce that Pura now officially has a black device, in addition to their standard white. A word of advice… RUN because there’s limited stock! You will need the code: EARLYCLJ to access the landing page and you can also use that same code to redeem a free fragrance! (add the fragrance of your choice to your cart along with the device and EARLYCLJ will make the fragrance free. 😉

There’s no place like home for the Holidays, and there’s no quicker way to make your home feel ready for the season than with fragrance. To me, a home can be clean and tidy and decorated, but the finishing (and sometimes forgotten) touch is how it smells. Isn’t it incredible that certain scents can trigger a memory to come rushing in? Alternatively, I read that experiences and emotions can be enhanced with aromas. This has to do with some sciencey stuff in the brain, but I think that’s why I care about what my house smells like!

So I go out of my way to test the best Pura scents each time we enter a new season. Spring had some great contenders, and I’m still enjoying my favorite fall scents, but it’s time to test winter scents for the upcoming season! Pura sent me a bunch of winter fragrances to try, but these are my favorites.

Best Pura Scents for Winter

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Cask – This, to me, smells like a very old man, woodsy cologne, and in a good way. I’m picturing a very worn leather chair, tobacco smoke, and a crackling fire.

Holiday – Everything about this is quintessential Christmas! It’s pomegranate and orange with spicy cinnamon and clove. Really bright and fresh and reminds me of those scented cinnamon pinecones, but elevated.

Spiced Pomander– Very similar to Holiday, but more spicy and rich. This is exactly the smell that I want coming from the kitchen this time of year.

Ironwood – I love it! This scent is very masculine, but there’s a subtle sweetness about it. It’s like fresh air, chopped wood, and expensive cologne all mixed together.

Noma – This one is very sophisticated and warm, with a hint of masculinity. Mahogany, teakwood, and vanilla!

Feu de Bois – This Lafco fragrance is one of my all-time favorites. It’s the perfect soothing, seasonal scent with sandalwood, leather, and frankincense!

Fig Tree – The scent that keeps on giving! Fig Tree made it on our top fall scents and spring scents because it’s somehow perfect for each season. It’s so sophisticated and aromatic and musky.

Blue Cypress & Snow – If you like a really invigorating, fresh, pepperminty scent, then this is perfect for you! It smells like a breath of fresh air!

Welcome Home – The name of this one is exactly what it smells like. Coming home, getting all cozy, and sipping on some homemade mulled apple cider.

Balsam & Cedar – A great stocking stuffer because the packaging is so Christmasy and cute! This smells exactly like a sappy, fresh-cut branch with an elevated eucalyptus spin.

Frasier Fir – Am I in a Hallmark movie? This smells exactly like a Christmas tree farm! I might put this behind my artificial Christmas tree.

Ski Trip – Last but definitely not least is this cozy cup of hot cocoa in a cedar mountain cabin. This scent is sweet but not too sweet and has hints of amber, patchouli, and frosted air! So good.

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