Healthy Home Requirements for Your Family You Need to Know

Healthy Home should be the most comfortable place to rest, socialize and share happiness with family members. Good home care must be done to maintain the quality of life of its residents.

Maybe you have lived in the same place for years. But do you know the requirements of a healthy home?

Here are 7 requirements for a healthy home for your health and comfort and that of your family:

Regularly Cleaned

Unlike in other countries, America is a country with a lot of dust. Dust from the surrounding environment, pollution from vehicles passing by around the house and the lack of greenery to protect against dust are the main factors that make the house dirty quickly.

The house should be cleaned frequently, the floor in every room swept and mopped every day. Household furniture and furniture should be wiped periodically with a damp cloth to avoid dust flying when cleaning.

Beds and carpets are also treated with a vacuum cleaner to avoid allergies and asthma, especially in small children.

Have Good Air Circulation

Good air circulation is a condition of a healthy home. Windows, exhaust fans, and air conditioners are important needs in every room of a healthy family home.

Clean air means less dust inhaled. Natural lighting through incoming sunlight provides benefits by killing germs naturally, reducing the use of electrical energy and improving the mood of residents.

According to the regulation of the Minister of Health, permanent natural air ventilation must be at least 10% of the floor area.

Reducing the Use of Chemicals

Have a healthy family home that uses very few chemicals. For example, roofs that used to often use asbestos are now no longer allowed to be used, including other building materials that contain substances that can endanger health.

Healthy family homes also use building materials that can prevent pathogenic microorganisms from growing and multiplying.

Also, avoid using household cleaning tools that contain lots of chemicals. Vapors from chemicals that rise into the surrounding air can cause asthma and also cause cancer.

Qualifying for a healthy home can be done by using natural cleaning ingredients such as baking soda, lemon and vinegar as a healthy family home cleaner.

No Disturbing Pests

In addition to poorly maintained homes, poor housing construction can lead to the emergence of nuisance animals such as termites. These animals usually live and reproduce quickly because of unclean house foundations (using building debris) or because of the location of the house itself.

Other animals that can interfere with the health of the occupants of the house are cockroaches and mice. These animals carry germs through their droppings and footprints around dirty areas of the house, usually in the kitchen or in the barn.

Immediately eradicate the pests that exist. You can call a special household pest service to meet the requirements for this one healthy home.

Using Eco-Friendly Household Furniture

Furniture that is rusty, using paint that is not environmentally friendly, made of wood that is starting to rot should be repaired or replaced immediately.

If you have a sofa, make sure the sofa material must be easy to clean, waterproof and not damp. Attractive designs and colors are not necessarily easy to clean, let alone environmentally friendly.

The composition of the room in the house

Other requirements for a healthy home include physical and biological requirements, such as the floor of the house, bathroom and laundry area, which are easy to clean and waterproof.

In addition, the ceiling must be easy to clean and sturdy (reducing the risk of accidents). The roof of the house should also use a lightning rod.

A healthy family home must have a function as a bedroom, family room, dining room, living room, kitchen, bathroom and children’s playroom.

A good bedroom is at least 8m2 in size and can only be occupied by 2 people except toddlers. A healthy kitchen space must have a good exhaust duct and have food storage areas that are safe from mice or cockroaches.


The last requirement for a healthy home is about the disposal of waste. All household wastewater has a sewer that does not smell and contaminate water sources or the ground surface. Solid waste disposal channels must not cause odors and pollute the earth.