Cyclone Dust Separator – Do I need one?

Tired of clogged shop vac filters and reduced suction power? You need a cyclone dust separator! Learn why you need one in your workshop!

Mullet cyclone dust separator connected to shop vac

Dust collection is an important part of any workshop. Fine dust can get trapped in your lungs, causing health problems down the road. Plus, it’s much easier to keep your workshop clean when you suck up the mess as you make it!

In my small basement workshop, I have a wall mount dust collector, a shop vac, a dust extractor and an air filter to prevent sawdust from floating around. You can learn the difference between all these machines here. That’s a lot of filters to clean and replace!

I don’t know about you, but I’m really bad at remembering to take care of filters. I tend to get frustrated at the suction loss and wonder if there’s a clog in the hose, when it’s actually just a dirty filter. With a cyclone dust separator attached, I rarely have a problem with airflow or suction!

In this article, I’ll show you why you should add a cyclone separator to your dust collection system, and a few different options for both a shop vacuum and a dust collector.

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