Cedar vs Pressure Treated Lumber

Trying to decide between cedar vs pressure treated lumber for your outdoor project? Find out the difference and pick the best one for you!

pressure treated vs cedar lumber

Are you wondering about the difference between cedar and pressure treated wood? These two types of wood are popular for outdoor use because they are both resistant to insects and rot – but which one is best for you? 

Pressure treated wood is good for structural outdoor builds that require ground contact, or projects that aren’t near edible plants or pets. Cedar is naturally resistant to rot and decay, and doesn’t require chemicals or stain to stay protected. This makes cedar a great option for play equipment and garden beds!

cedar play set in backyard

The differences between cedar vs pressure treated lumber are significant, but neither is infallible. For some projects, it’s best to use both! For example, our deck is built with pressure treated lumber for the structural components, and more attractive cedar for the decking surface and railings.

Below, we’ll discuss these materials in more detail and talk about when you should use each. Let’s go!

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