July 16th, 2022
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The perfect lawn is now a surprisingly controversial issue in gardening.

Some people want a smart, green surface with no flaws. Others say that such a lawn is an ‘ecological disaster.’

Sometimes we are urged to put our mowers away, either for the whole summer or just to mow less. Or we’re urged to do ‘No Mow May’ or similar initiatives to reduce lawn mowing.

So I have asked one of the world’s top lawn experts, David Hedges Gower, Chair of the Lawn Association, to help me sort out what a perfect lawn is. How much work do we really need to do to achieve it? And can we have a traditional lawn while also being environmentally friendly?

Which is the perfect lawn?

I also wanted to decide which way to go with our own lawn. We left it uncut for 6 weeks during ‘No Mow

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June 25th, 2022
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This small wildlife garden is very pretty and easy to look after. Plus it attracts a wide range of wildlife.

When the Rewilding Britain garden won Best in Show at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2022, it triggered a lot of debate in the gardening world.

Wild gardens for small spaces

Top picture of Anne Vincent’s wildlife friendly garden, open for Faversham Open Gardens & Garden Market Day 2022. The pic below it is of Lulu Urquhart and Adam Hunt’s Rewilding Britain garden, which won Best in Show at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2022.

Is a small wildlife garden realistic, especially in a town? Would it be easy to maintain? And how managed does a garden have to be?

Anne Vincent’s garden, completed before RHS Chelsea 2022 hit our headlines, shows that it is practical to have an almost wild garden in towns and cities. She says

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So you know how to make a carved pumpkin for Halloween, it’s finally done and it’s a masterpiece!

The question is now – “How to keep pumpkins from rotting that includes carved pumpkins?”

Carved pumpkin Jack O Lantern Pin
Jack O Lantern carved pumpkin

The last thing you want to see after carving and decorating some Halloween pumpkins is the lovely carved-out smiles turning into rotting grimaces and mush. Our guide will teach you a few tricks on how to keep a pumpkin fresh.

Remember, after you carve a pumpkin and the “pumpkin guts” have been removed, you cannot completely stop a rotting pumpkin. Once exposed to air, mold, and bacteria the rotting process will naturally begin to rot.

However, you can take steps to keep them looking fresh and beautiful, plus “make the pumpkin last longer,” whether carved or uncarved.

Stop for a moment to consider the journey this colorful winter squash travels

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While cool nights and diminishing daylight in fall triggers putting our gardens to bed at the forefront of our minds, don’t forget that this is the time to consider enlivening the spring garden with fall-planted bulbs. Our local garden centers and nurseries carry a wide range of beautiful and hardy bulbs for fall installation (as do many mail-order sources), with familiar tulips (Tulipa spp. and cvs., Zones 3–8), daffodils (Narcissus spp. and cvs., Zones 3–9), crocus (Crocus spp. and cvs., Zones 3–9), and hyacinths (Hyacinthus orientalis and cvs., Zones 5–9) regularly grabbing our attention. These more common bulbs are certainly valid for their spring contributions; however, a little more sleuthing will unearth some more-unique additions for your repertoire of spring-flowering bulbs. Below are five of my lesser-known favorites that I feel are worthy of consideration and appreciation in the Midwest spring garden.

close up of Sicilian honey garlic

Sicilian honey garlic displays

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If you want colorful, versatile, easy-growing annuals for your spring and summer veggie beds, flowerbeds, and pollinator gardens, you can’t go wrong with the different types of Zinnias.

These cheery members of the Aster family originated in South and Central America, Mexico, and the southwestern United States. 

Different Zinnia TypesPin

From there, Dr. Johann Gottfried Zinn brought them to Europe during the 18th century, and they were named after him. Then, during the early 20th century, they became popular bedding plants because of their ease of growing and the wide variety of colors and forms available. 

In this article, we will describe the types of zinnias available to you and recommend choosing and planting these pollinator-friendly flowers in your summer garden. Read on to learn more. 

Basic Categories Or Types Of Zinnia Flowers

There are numerous varieties of Zinnias available in four basic categories or types. They are sorted by the rows

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