Repurposing salvaged shipping containers in building and remodeling homes have been growing in popularity due to their affordability and low environmental impact. Using sustainable materials for construction like these containers has been a trend for the past few years to reduce waste.

home office in shipping container

Shipping containers provide flexible options for construction, especially in home improvement projects. It provides affordable alternatives for building additional living spaces in a property. There’s no compromise in quality, safety, and aesthetics since the structure is rigid enough for various purposes. That said, here are seven ways you can use shipping containers for your home improvement projects:

1. Separate Home Office

Having a separate home office on your property helps improve focus and productivity. For houses that lack a room for an office or study to convert, building one in your backyard is the next best alternative. In this case, you can remodel and utilize a shipping container.

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I like to write a fashion post from time to time. Earlier this year I featured the best travel sandals and sneakers for summer vacations and favorite kimonos for warm weather climates.

Today I spent the morning in Central Park and I can’t think of anywhere else I’d like to be in fall while wearing a chic jacket! Spending an October day in New York inspired a post about coats for chillier weather.

I’m wearing this olive quilted jacket that’s medium weight, it’s not too heavy but still adds a layer of warmth for a blue sky autumn day like today. I also wore this satin bomber jacket on the train from Boston to New York and while walking around Manhattan. I ordered one more jacket from the collection I rounded up below.

More favorite fall jackets:

dolman sleeve quilted (more colors here)

short puffer / shawl collar faux

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So, you have finally decided to move to a new home? Well, that’s good news. You don’t always have to stay in the same place forever. With all the dynamics, you’re bound to find yourself relocating to a different setting. To minimize stress and make the transition smoother, you need to plan things. Hire a reputable furniture removalists Sydney to help you.

couple relaxing after packing

Here’s a comprehensive checklist to help you pack and travel safely:

Sort, Purge

Inspect every room and decide what you would like to carry. If there are any items you’d wish to dispose of, then be sure to label them. Think about whether certain items will need special packing arrangements or additional insurance coverage.

Research Movers

Start doing your research. Identify as many options as you can. Don’t be quick to make a hire over the phone. Instead, request to have a physical meeting with the mover. Get

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In an episode of Fine Gardening‘s podcast, Let’s Argue About Plants, the hosts discuss the importance of evergreen plants, and the particular perks of broadleaf evergreens:

“The key to any successful four-season garden is evergreens. Conifers are great, but they can be pricey and slow to bulk up. Broadleaf evergreens, on the other hand, bulk up quickly and are generally affordable. The only drawback is they can be boring. In fact, most gardeners think only of rhodies and hollies when it comes to this classification of plants.”

Don’t be fooled by the common varieties, there is much more to this plant category than one might think while walking around the local garden center. To help shed light on some fabulous, underappreciated broadleaf evergreens, we had regional experts pick their top four. Below, you’ll find great picks for the South. To discover more fantastic evergreens, check out LAAP Episode 26:

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Your Hibiscus syriacus is one of the most gorgeous flowering plants in your garden. But when the Rose of Sharon has yellow leaves, it can be a sign of several different problems.

One possible reason for the yellow leaves is a lack of nutrients in the soil. Your plant may need more nitrogen, phosphorus, or potassium. Another possibility is that the pH of the soil is too high or too low.

Rose of SharonPin

In this article, we will explore all the possible causes of Rose of Sharon’s yellow leaves. We will also give you tips on preventing and fixing the problem.

4 Reasons Your Rose Of Sharon Has Yellow Leaves

If your Rose of Sharon’s leaves are turning yellow, it could be due to one of the following reasons:

  • 1. Lack of nutrients in the soil
  • 2. pH of the soil is too high or too low
  • 3. Soil is too
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