If you are a homeowner, the time may come when you need to restore your roof. But how exactly do you go about it? Many things go into consideration when you are going to do a roof restoration. In this blog post, Liam Carter of Pro Roof Restoration Brisbane www.proroofrestorationbrisbane.com.au explains all things about roof restoration.

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What is a roof restoration?

Roof restoration is essentially giving the patching up of your existing roof. This entails painting over areas on your roof that are old and worn. Replacing broken tiles and cleaning. Your roof will look like new if done right. It can also extend the roof’s life. Terracotta, Cement, and Iron are three main roof materials used.

So when should you restore your roof?

  • Your roof is old- Normally a roof’s life lasts between 12-15 years and when you are approaching that, it is time to restore your roof.
  • Shingles
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Healthy Home should be the most comfortable place to rest, socialize and share happiness with family members. Good home care must be done to maintain the quality of life of its residents.

Maybe you have lived in the same place for years. But do you know the requirements of a healthy home?

Here are 7 requirements for a healthy home for your health and comfort and that of your family:

Regularly Cleaned

Unlike in other countries, America is a country with a lot of dust. Dust from the surrounding environment, pollution from vehicles passing by around the house and the lack of greenery to protect against dust are the main factors that make the house dirty quickly.

The house should be cleaned frequently, the floor in every room swept and mopped every day. Household furniture and furniture should be wiped periodically with a damp cloth to avoid dust flying when …

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My friend Scott Horne has the most refined taste of anyone I know. I would describe him as picky, but not snobby (this is true of most good stylists I know). I’ve fantasized about having a super curated online store and hiring him to be the Creative Director/buyer for it, but when I drunkenly pitched it to him 5 years ago he quickly said “oh, hell no”, which I thought was a hilarious reaction to a job offer (and took no offense). Turns out that giving up your freelance freedom to work 100% for your possibly-at-the-time-un-hinged good friend/influencer might be a recipe for a friend divorce. So wisely we didn’t venture into that together. Instead, I shot his new house for my book, almost 4 years ago now (NUTS!) and while it’s all over the book, with captions on what he did that we love, etc, I wanted to put …

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This week, hear how to insulate around recessed lighting, plus the best options for vinyl floor underlayment. (3 Echoes Content Studio/psahota, Getty Images)

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Hear underlayment options for vinyl plank flooring, a tip for insulating around recessed lights, and more.

Underlayment for Vinyl Plank Flooring

vinyl plank flooring with a cork underlayment
The proper underlayment for vinyl plank flooring will block out moisture and serve as insulation. (psahota, Getty Images)

Paul in Illinois wants to replace the carpet on the lower level of his tri-level home with vinyl plank flooring. This level is on a concrete slab, and the floor gets very cold in the wintertime. 

He wants to know if he can put a quarter-inch or half-inch high-density foam board under the flooring to act as insulation between the concrete floor and the flooring.

“Will that cause problems with trapping moisture under that?” he asks.

Having existing carpet there will be a pretty

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I give you this long-sorted history of the many things Ibiza represents for me because my experience at the beach caves somehow mirrors my own Ibizan experience. That a hotel stay can also be many things—yes, you can have exceptional spa treatments and delicious food and services that tap into all of your senses BUT we are on an island known for nightlife so YES you can go a few levels down to immerse yourself in ALL the eclectic things Ibiza has to offer. Sure it’s a hotel but it’s also a nightclub with cultural programming, a state-of-the-art recording studio, and an incredible plant-led local menu to feast on as you listen to live shamanic house. It’s truly a celebration of all things Ibiza—sophisticated, eclectic, and fun, with passion, entertainment, and community at its core.

This trip and this property reminded me of all of the things that make me

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