All About the Automatic Pool Cover, We Used

Pool season is almost a wrap but there’s no time like the present to pull back the curtain cover to talk about the automatic pool cover we have and love!

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Anthony Sylvan (the pool builder we used) recommended we use an automatic pool cover from Coverstar. Every pool company has its own tried and true cover system they recommend, and this is one they were familiar with. So we put our trust in them and we’re glad we did!

We didn’t know what to expect with this pool cover! Not only would we be able to walk on it, but it could hold up to 2000 lbs! I couldn’t exactly picture it but now I get it. The material is a specially formulated, heavy-duty vinyl fabric, built to last! It’s resistant to pretty much everything; mildew, chemicals, UV light, abrasions, and tears. We selected the light gray color and I love how it blends with the bluestone pool deck.

The Mechanics of the Pool Cover

As far as the mechanism to open and close, we went with the Eclipse Premium model. According to their website, it’s the strongest, most reliable automatic pool cover model they have. The components are made of stainless steel to avoid corrosion and rust, for hassle-free use.

The mechanism for the cover is stored beneath these bluestone pavers. Although they look permanently placed, they’re not. Rather, they’re set atop heavy-duty brackets and can lift for any future maintenance. So far these stones have not budged one bit.

The track is virtually unnoticeable because we went with the under-track option. It’s embedded beneath the coping so when the pool is uncovered, you wouldn’t even know there’s a pool cover tucked away!

Open and Close Touch-pad

A pool cover wasn’t a requirement to pass inspection but with young kids, that added layer of safety is invaluable. Only Chris and I know the passcode to open and close, which stays closed when it’s not in use. Eventually, once the girls are older, we’ll keep it open more but for now, we can’t be too careful. The control panel is located over by the dining room doors and up high and out of reach!

When we want to use just the hot tub, we can open it partially by just holding down the “cover” and “un-cover” buttons to where we want it. Now that it’s cooling off, we’re starting to use it for just that!

In addition to the added safety, this pool cover reduces up to 90% evaporation, 70% heating costs, 50% electricity costs, and 70% chemical use! Eventually, it should pay for itself! We recently experienced some effects of Hurricane Ian passing through and afterward, our pool guy came by for a cleaning. He said out of all the pools he cleans, ours was in perfect shape because of the cover!

However, when it rains, it’s normal for there to be some pooling on the cover. Before we uncover it, we use the suction device it came with to clear out the rainwater!

How Much Did It Cost?

Unfortunately, I don’t have an exact breakdown of the cover cost, but it was included in the $148,000 cost of the pool and installation. To us, this cover was a non-negotiable and the hassle-free use of it has made it 100% worth it.

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