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Now, as regular readers will know, Friday’s post is usually about the pick of the property market. However, that relies on focusing on other people’s houses and that didn’t feel quite right today as owners may feel they would rather not appear on the blog during these strange days. And of course, I peaked too soon by putting my own house up last week. So while I personally have no issue with posting today – after all it’s up to you if you choose to read or not – I felt it wasn’t right for anything that would involve other people. And it’s too soon to share ideas for the new place with you although once I have been back and measured up next week I will have a clearer of idea of what we can do.

tylko storage

So, today, for all those reasons (and I may be massively overthinking it) I am reposting a piece on making the most of your storage. As I spend my days going through cupboards in readiness for the move it seems apt for me at least at this point in time. I’m trying go through one cupboard a day so that it doesn’t feel overwhelming and we can (hopefully – big aspiration here) move without taking any rubbish. Cue sound of hollow laughter.

Some of you will wish to carry on as usual. Others will prefer a complete shut down. This is my attempt at a halfway house that will give something to read for those who want it. I can also tell you that Sophie and I spent yesterday recording a new episode of the podcast so that will be coming out soon.

I’ll be back next week as usual.  In the meantime:

I have been thinking about storage. This may not be the most arresting first line you have ever read, but it follows that if I have been thinking about it then you might have less thinking to do as I will have, hopefully, come up with some ideas that can help…


Kate Watson-Smyth

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