I am approaching fall a little simpler this year. Well, simple for me. By now I probably would’ve done 6 different looks in our living room alone, but this year I have slowed way down.  I’ve mentioned recently that the house is between a few big projects… feeling stuck for a little while, I had to remind myself that I can find ways to make cozy in the mess. If you visit the blog frequently you know I love starting my new looks for the next season on our fireplace mantel. I love it because it’s such a focal point for our space, but a great way to display a palette and design to inspire other people’s space whether that be on a mantle like mine or another focal point like built-in shelves or a TV stand. Today’s look is all about simple and texture, one of the main elements when I think of fall is I think of adding in texture. Frequently I get asked what different ways are to bring in texture into a space, when it comes to fall, I love adding heavier throws and blankets and look to Mother Nature for foliage. Greenery always adds an element of texture into a space, but the fall stems, leaves, gourds, and pumpkins (both real or faux) just add a little richer texture to the eye and to the space. Let me show you how you can style a shelf or mantel for fall with only two items. So with this look I only used mother nature, & some cute art of course…

Before I go into the design check out my recent blog post, “10 Steps to Make your Pumpkins Last Longer,” where I share how to preserve pumpkins to ensure you are keeping your space fresh, clean, and cozy throughout the entire season (link here). Since I used all real items for this look from pumpkins to plants, I want to make sure everything lasts all fall. As I approached the design for this mantle, I chose muted green pumpkins as my big element for the space. Placing them on each side of the shelf gives a balanced visual appearance followed with small dark greenery to fill in the space between the pumpkins. I chose dark clay pots to help keep the eye focused in on the pumpkins and artwork. when setting up pumpkins like this it does take a little trial and error to get to the final look that you love. I of course always add a lot more decor than others, so you can adjust and add less pumpkins & plants of course. You can find some sources [HERE] for this space.

Completely in love with my Samsung Frame TV & Deco TV Frame, I added a touch of early fall with a subtle Halloween digital artwork. adding this artwork is a fun and whimsical way to showcase fall decor ahead of Halloween, if you’re looking for something more classic check out my blog post, “30+ Cozy Fall Samsung Frame TV Art Pieces.” And if you want some more Halloween artwork this season check out my blog post, “Cozy Halloween Art – Halloween Frame Art,” (link here).

Other ways to achieve the same look with only a few items: You could substitute anything on this mantel, swap out the pumpkins for gourds or vases of fall stems or a cluster of candle sticks. The greenery in this space could be swapped out for the fall stems, leaves, or even sticks. You can really capture fall in a various number of ways, look inside to what you feel is cozy fall, stretch it across your shelf or mantel and attempt to keep it visually balanced. Your goal should be looking for ways to add visual and physical texture to the space. I hope you enjoyed this little first step into adding fall into a space, and that’s simply by adding texture to a space.  I will be back with more fall looks asap. Let me know what you think of this space and what elements of texture you bring into a space for fall, share it with me on Instagram, our Facebook Group (link), and of course TikTok. Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today and every other day, it truly means the world to us here on the farm. Stay Cozy!


Some sources not linked above:

Pillows- Zara [2021]

Mantel, side table, trunk, wall sconces – antiques

Plants- The Found cottage


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