2 Really Great Coats And 3 Excellent Boots (Or “Six” If You Have Two Feet)

Coats! Boots! Oh how I love to hunker down and wear a comfortable outfit on the inside with a great coat and boots on the outside. I just shot another quick social partnership with Madewell but I know that many of you don’t follow over there (which I fully get). So I figured I’d post about my pics here with commentary and a few non-Madewell pieces that I’m into. For these partnerships, they give me free rein to order stuff for them to send, but not everything works. So I usually go to the store and find what I think is very, very, very good. That’s all to say that it’s very edited and stuff I legit love (not stuff they ask me to wear/post about). So here they are…

Coat | T-Shirt | Jeans | Beanie | Boots

I think I whispered out loud “oh, hell yes,” when I put this coat on. It’s EXTREMELY GOOD. It’s fancy like a tweed wood coat, but long (extremely warm and cozy – maybe not New York in 15 degrees warm) and drapes in such a flattering way. It has pockets, a cute collar, is lined (which makes it easy to slip into), and is a great colorway and pattern. I wore it all day yesterday and got like 12 compliments on it. It’s not too hot for inside either (if you don’t layer underneath) so it’s not one of those that you have to take off when you get in the grocery store or on the subway.

The pants are the Cali demi boot cut (super cute flare and also great to tuck). The boots are SO GOOD – a lug sole knee-high with an edge. If you are in between sizes, size up. Mine are 7 and tight on me and I’m a solid 7. I also have small calves and they are kinda tight but I saw they offered a wider calf which I kinda wish I had opted for.

Peacoat | Jeans | Boots

Classic with a really great edge!!! This boxy coat has slim arms and those proportions play with the eye and from my perspective makes me feel small. It’s really, really pretty and I feel like a classy lady in it. It also feels very high quality (and is splurgy but 30% off right now).

Sweatshirt (can’t find!) | Jeans | Boots

I can’t find that Patagonia sweatshirt on the internet but it’s so cute! Nicely tailored shoulders, a cute front pocket, and cozy insides. We recently were downtown after a date brunch and Brian and I both went in and got some pieces to support this awesome company.

Button-Up | T-Shirt | Jeans | Boots

I’ve been on the hunt for good flannels and have found too many that are like trying to be fitted. This is from Pendleton and the cut is awesome – more boxy less body con. Madewell also has this one that is excellent (size down, I have an XS and it’s still roomy).

Jacket | T-Shirt | Jeans | Chelsea Boots

This fleece is GREAT, although I might have to return it for an XS. It has corduroy pockets and the inside is fleece, too (I hate it when the outside is cozy but the inside is like a weird lining -the whole point is to feel the softness!). I’ve been wearing those boots NON STOP. They feel so comfortable for having a little lift.

Airpuff Long Shirt-Jacket | T-Shirt | Jeans | Boots

I think I wrote about this shacket before but put it in my coat reel on IG and so took photos of it for here, too. It’s awesome for fall and if it weren’t going to be raining the next 14 days straight in Portland (maybe one day off) I would say it’s a good October jacket ? The boots are new and have a very cool rubber sole that makes them feel more modern and cool IMHO.

Ok, that’s it. Most of this is in action on IG today if you want to see how things move on a body which I find always helpful. Also yes I got my hair finally done (and lightened) and it’s finally long again. PRAISE BE. xx

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