*** A highjacking from me, Emily, real quick. Today is Jess’ six-year workaversary and I literally couldn’t be luckier to call her my #2. She brings and gives so much leadership, creativity, insight, innovation, compassion, loyalty, love, organization, ease, and FUN – I’m just constantly grateful and impressed. She has talked me up when I’m been so low, and effectively helped save the company when I was at my lowest. This blog would absolutely not be as great as it is without her steering this ship through the incredibly difficult waters of digital media. So let’s show Jess so much love in their comments. WE LOVE YOU JESS AND THANK YOU FOR SIX WONDERFUL YEARS. Love, Emily.

6 years. I can and also very much can’t wrap my brain around it. All I can think about when I see that number is how when I was living in New York …

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You’ve finally found your dream home. Like other diligent home hunters, you’ve checked out the yard, the home’s exterior, and the bathrooms. But like most people, you’ve given little thought to the home’s water quality. 

That’s not surprising. Most home buyers are too distracted by how great the place looks to think about water quality. Overlooking the kind of water your potential home has could lead to huge and uncomfortable problems down the line. Following are the various water issues you might face in your new home and how best to manage them.


Most people pay more attention to the pipes and plumbing than the water coming from them because they believe the water authorities in the area have covered it.

While the water utilities may have filtered your water, there’s a high chance of running into two types of water problems in a new home — contamination

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No matter how well you build a wooden fence gate, they all share a common problem over time — the tendency to sag over time. 

A sagging gate doesn’t just make your fence look old and unattractive — it’s also a hazard for children and pets.

Wide gates are no exception, and possibly are more susceptible to sagging. For example, this fence gate is five and a half feet wide, and I’ve tried everything over the years. I replaced the hinges with larger hinges. I installed the steel braces in each corner. Still, it didn’t work. 

Instead of fighting gravity, prop the sagging gate up when it’s closed or open with a caster.

The caster is made from a simple two-by-four pressure-treated block. Here’s how to build it:

Hand using a wood scraper to smooth a notch out of a two-by-four pressure-treated board
A wood scraper smooths the edges of the two-by-four so it rests neatly against the horizontal fence gate support board. (3
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With the sweltering summer months quickly approaching, start thinking about how you’ll keep cool while enjoying the outdoors. One great way to do this is by installing retractable awnings, shades, or canopies. These devices can provide much-needed relief from the harsh sun, and they can be easily retracted when they’re not needed.

Whether you are looking to block out the sun rays on a hot day or protect yourself from rain showers, House Doctors can help you choose the right solution for your needs. We’ll also handle jobs like repairing decks, fixing railings, and staining stairs to ensure your outdoor space is looking its best.

We can help you create a perfect shade environment for your outdoor space with:

Retractable Awnings

Retractable awnings are the perfect solution for providing shade and shelter in the great outdoors. Whether you need protection from harsh UV rays or want a shaded area to

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Over the past two decades, my trusty (and weighty) 5-quart cast iron pot has covered a lot of ground, moving with me from Seattle to London and back to the Bay Area. It’s a part of my kitchen arsenal that I could not live without.

Cast iron cookware has long been a favorite with chefs (amateur and professional alike), who appreciate its ability to conduct heat evenly and move from the stove top to oven to tabletop. Here’s a roundup of our favorite cast iron Dutch ovens (deep, capacious cooking pots ideal for making braises, soups, and daubes), which will last a lifetime and add a rustic note to your kitchen.

the sori yanagi nambu tekki deep pan is \$\290 at tortoise general store. 9
Above: The Sori Yanagi Nambu Tekki Deep Pan is $290 at Tortoise General Store.
the alessi la cintura di orione cast iron oval cocotte in enameled cast iron wa 10
Above: The Alessi La Cintura di Orione Cast Iron Oval Cocotte in enameled cast iron was designed by Richard Sapper; $330 at Alessi.
the dansk for food5\2 købenstyle casserole, shown in white, is \$95. 11
Above: The
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