5 Cozy Pumpkin Scroll Stoppers

This weeks scroll stoppers is the first one for October so of course we had to do pumpkins! As I was scrolling Instagram this week I was inspired by so many that it was hard to pick just 5 cozy pumpkin scroll stoppers, but I chose 5 unique inspiring pumpkin shares. I hope this post gives you tons of inspiration like it did for me & also new creatives to follow! Here are 5 cozy pumpkin scroll stoppers…

If you don’t follow thetatteredmagnolia, YOU NEED TO NOW! Everything she shares is so inspiring & she even has a shop where you can buy her antique finds. This share of her pumpkins is too good!

edgewoodfarmhouse is another FAVORITE follow of mine. Always so inspiring & out of the box creativity. I love the cozy simplicity in all of the photos & it’s truly one of my favorite homes on the internet. These pumpkin stairs are epic!

This pumpkin sourdough bread that emetamily shared makes me so hungry, but also so EXCITED for fall!!! This just feels like the best celebration of fall there could be. & so inspiring! Go and follow to be inspired along with me.

Ok lilleweiss is going to think I am a stalker with how much I share her images, BUT OH MY they are so inspiring. This one makes me want every antique piece in the photo & to add all the texture to my spaces. I just love how unique her shares are & I can’t tell you to go follow this account enough!

When I tell you that this image from the_ct_colonial stopped me dead in my tracks… it did! I had to include it in this weeks scroll stoppers even though I only spotted one little pumpkin, BUT I had to introduce you to her if you didn’t already follow… it’s a must!

BONUS SCROLL STOPPER: As a bonus, am I allowed to share my home? Well it’s actually a share of betterhomesandgardens of our house a few years ago… wasn’t this so beautiful? This was before Cope so I feel like I had more time, but each season is different right? I feel a season coming where I can create more. stay tuned.

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