The Grandpa Design Trend Is Coming to a Home Near You

In fashion, this upside-down prep moment is seen on the runways of Celine, where a tweedy blazer is layered over a glimmering cocktail dress; at Miu Miu where plaid wool fabrics are done up in skirt suits, layered over Grandpa sweaters, and paired with ballet slippers; and at Khaite, where a jacket that could have been hijacked from an especially dapper AARP member’s closet is paired with baggy jeans and cool shades. Likewise, in the interior design world, integrating these pieces into your home is achieved through a deft mix and a good eye. 

“When it comes to introducing traditional British elements, it’s all about the pairing and mixing of genres and historical elements,” Arnold explains. “For example, pair tuxedo leather club chairs with a contemporary shapely sofa—the contrast between the two gives a new perspective of the traditional elements but feels more contextual to today.” In other words, you don’t want to feel like you’re walking into an old boys club with deep green walls, leather-bound books, oil paintings, some chintz, and worn oriental rugs. But if you happen upon some of these elements buy them up and work them into your rooms to bring a richness that might not have otherwise been realized.

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