Easy Green Beans Recipe With Pistachio Mint Pesto

Green Beans With Pistachio Mint Pesto

By Romilly Newman.


1lb French green beans, trimmed 

½ cup fresh mint 

½ cup fresh basil 

⅓ cup pecorino Romano, freshly grated 

⅓ cup parmesan, freshly grated 

Zest of one lemon and 1 tsp of juice 

⅓ cup lightly toasted shelled pistachios, plus more for serving 

½ cup extra virgin olive oil 





Fill a mixing bowl with ice and water, set aside. 

Set a large pot of salted water over high heat and bring to a boil. Once boiling, add the green beans for 60 seconds and then immediately transfer to an ice bath. Let them swim around for a minute, then strain and place on a clean kitchen towel to dry off.

In the bowl of a food processor, add mint, basil, pecorino, parmesan, lemon, and pistachios. Pulse until the herbs and pistachios are coarsely ground, then, with the processor running, add olive oil in a slow stream. Once mixture is emulsified and still slightly textured, transfer to a mixing bowl. 

Season to taste with salt and pepper and add green beans. Toss until completely coated with the pesto. If you find your pesto to be too thick you can drizzle a bit of extra olive oil to help break it up. 

Place beans on a platter, add additional lemon zest, a handful of roughly chopped pistachios, grated parmesan and pecorino, drizzle of oil, and salt and pepper. Enjoy!

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