Ceramic Vases and Vessels to Decorate Your Home

Seeing an artist at work is akin to witnessing poetry in motion. The rhythm of the movement, the meditative concentration, the flow of energy… these moments that occur during the process of creating something by hand can often be more beautiful and awe-inspiring than the end result. The act of creation that happens behind the scenes always piques our curiosity, sparking our own journey of inspiration in the process. Something truly magical happens to a room when you insert pieces that have been lovingly crafted by someone else. A small part of that passion and energy from the maker transfers into your space, too. It’s the secret to creating a home with soul. This is why we’re so drawn to ceramic vases.

These sculptural vessels bring instant warmth, texture, height, materiality, and vitality. Position them on a pedestal or side table to break up the visual plane or fill them with branches on a tablescape when entertaining. If you love them as much as we do, then keep scrolling to discover some of our beloved ceramicists, then shop our favorites to bring them home. 

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