A *First Round* FarmHouse Reveal – Readying Our Guest Room For Family To Visit

Round one guest room reveal – a quick scramble to make this room functional asap (and of course, it’s the most done room in the house). Brian’s parents visited almost immediately after we moved in, eager to see the house and squeeze some grandkids. Luckily, Target wanted to sponsor this endeavor (and post) so I was able to pull together this room very, very quickly – from the mattress on two weird twin bed frames to an inviting room over a weekend. As you might have seen on my instastories, I finally unpacked all my favorite things that were in boxes for two years from LA (it was like Christmas) and pulled mostly from that inventory versus buying new, but we needed new sheets, bedding, and towels. So I went to Target, found some pretty darn wonderful options.

Heavyweight Linen Blend Comforter & Sham Set | Jersey Solid Sheet Set | Machine Washable Cooling Bed Pillow | Patterned Quilt | Throw Blanket (unavailable) | Round Pillow (unavailable) | Sheepskin Rug

We don’t know what the full function of this room will be – def guest room, but possibly also Brian’s office and/or kid’s playroom/den. As you can see there is a desk in the corner where Brian writes right now which is working. While we love offering a king bed to Brian’s parents that come frequently, we also might forgo it for a pull-out sofa to have more space for Brian or the kids to play. But for now, we have this king mattress and a dumb bed frame that you can’t see so it’s a proper guest room with future use TBD. The walls are a really cozy rosy pink color (I’m obsessed with it, I love it so very, very much and wish it were in our bedroom), and it really determined the color palette for the rest of the room. It was a super clear vision which made it really easy to shop for and decorate: The brief was warm cozy pink-toned bedding and Target had it in store (shout out to the Beaverton Target).

Side Table | Table Lamp

I opted for the Casaluna comforter set (instead of the duvet set) because Brian’s parents are top sheet people, which means that we don’t have to wash the duvet each time, just the sheets (they are likely our only guests). But besides that, I had just styled with them in another shoot and the comforter is SO FLUFFY and cozy, and then I didn’t have to buy an insert. The side table is Target that I bought last year when everything was in storage and have found that I’ve moved it around a lot – it’s highly versatile. It works great here since the closet is so close to the bed.

I bought the jersey sheet set to be extra cozy and tonal and then layered on this pretty quilt to add some pattern and interest on top. The two decorative pillows I’ve had for a long time and worked really nicely. I have no idea what headboard/bed we want in here but honestly, the room works really well without one right now!

I want to say on the record that Brian was right about painting the window frames and sashes white, instead of the same color as the wall which is what I was pushing for. It really highlights the beautiful original windows and gives the pink more context. It makes me excited to paint our room a tone and see our windows pop more.

Eye Mask

No curtains? Sleeping masks FTW. Now, you might notice that there aren’t window treatments in here, which historically would be very bad for guests. I was so tempted to hang some temporary curtains for this shoot (and for Bob and Suz) but am really trying to not do things just for quick photos (especially when it involves new holes in our home). For these windows, we need these top-down-bottom-up-shades because when you are in there the view is almost the entire roofline of the 60s addition. We have them in the kid’s room and love them so much, so we ordered some for in here as well. For now, I left some sleeping masks (these silk Casaluna ones are excellent) and hope that the early sunset and late sunrise are ok until the shades arrive.

Vase | Candle | Lamp (unavailable) | Chair (vintage) | Desk

This is right now where Brian is working (he’s in a master’s program for writing), so this desk needed to double as a nightstand as well. I bought this from Urbanite (an awesome Portland antique and craft mall), made by a local maker and the top is this really, really beautiful maple. It’s not game-changing but it was solid and affordable (and I felt good about supporting a local maker). The candle is the one we linked up the other week (apple chai) and the vase with the dried flowers is Threshold with Studio McGee (I know I have a lot of vases but the color/shade is perfect in here).


Chair (vintage) | Throw Blanket | Pillow (unavailable) | Side Table | Art (vintage)

I bought this vintage Carl Malmsted chair online (I must name-drop because I’ve wanted this chair for 10 years) a year ago, hoping that it would work somewhere in the house in its original fabric (which I LOVE). Sure enough, she found her home and it’s the perfect scale, shade, and style for this room. The vintage paintings I’ve had forever, from the Rose Bowl surely, and the tiny side table is new from Target and fit perfectly since we had very little space.


I bought these pink Casaluna towels because they look so good with the bedroom and bathroom, but I’m not ready to show you the bathroom yet so we styled them on this chair. They look extremely high-end for how affordable they are. I’m kinda done buying expensive towels because I find that even the $40 towels only last a year or two (less if rarely used, obviously) and I’ve ranted out white towels before and how hard they are to keep looking fresh. So for this house thus far I’ve only bought Target (pre-partnership) and none that are white (gray, blue, green, and now pink). If someone has a secret magic trick to keep white towels white hit me up, but until then I’m buying lovely-looking non-white towels like these.

Naturally, this room is the only room that is pulled together, as well as the room that is the least used or seen. Funny how that works. It did motivate me to not wait for a design plan and start pulling from my own inventory (which I’m obviously lucky to have) to make more of the rooms look styled out.

It was a big hit with Bob and Suz and gave me a big reminder of how fun decorating and styling can be. Now that the renovation process is almost over I’m having SO MUCH FUN playing with my things ? Style. Play. Every Day, y’all.

A big thanks to Target for making stylish affordable bedding and towels for my parents-in-law to enjoy:) To see every Target item in one place head over to my new Target Store Front)This post was sponsored by Target but all designs, words, and thoughts are my own. Thank you all for supporting my favorite home brands that support this blog. #targetpartner #targetfam

*Styled by Emily Henderson (me:))
**Photos by Kaitlin Green

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